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Posted by Cap'n Paul from on April 15, 1998 at 02:15:51:

In Reply to: Re: Double buckle - but not on the belt... posted by Max Schulte on April 14, 1998 at 22:47:25:

: : : : : Totally agree with everyone. It's what you want it to look like that counts. In movies they only use what they can get - there are no real rules to stick to. Artistic licencing I think - even down to the costumes. The bag I have has 2 drain / breather holes but again there were a few variations in these bags anyway.

: : : : : Just as a point of interest - no-one seems to be asking too much about Indy's trouser / pants belt. The standard brass roller on a web belt. But again there's a change from film to film. In Raiders & TOD Indy has a brown web belt with the brass roller but in LC , it's khaki.

: : : : : Again it's what's avail at the time the movies made. Anyone have any clues about the brown web belt? I know the US military in WW2 had a tan web belt with brass roller, khaki is associated alot with air force / navy officers, etc.

: : : : : Khaki belts with brass roller used to be avail from The Cockpit in Long Island NY.

: : : : : regards all,

: : : : : BAM

: : : : The military dress belt can be pretty much obtained at any military surplus store. I've worn my buckle since 1981, and the brass has since completely worn off to the point that the buckle is totally silver in color. It's been on at least 6 different webbings, each totally worn out with use. The webbing can be purchased separately at 54 inches, to be trimmed to desired length. The currently issued belt is elastic, so look for the cotton webbing if you should ever order it from a catalog, not the "current issue" belts. The buckles have changed some too. The belt color I have personally never really paid much attention to. I have always worn black. Seems to hold it's integrity longer. Not sure why. The brown belt just doesn't seem to hold up quite as long. Regards. Michaelson

: : : Michaelson, is it the normal Army belt which they use in connection with their trousers or is it a special equiptment belt? Thanks, Max

: : The cotton belt was, and I repeat, WAS the normal Army type belt issued to the troops. We deal directly with Arnold Engineering Air Force Base personnel here, and have about every group of military folks passing through our Aviation Systems classes from all over the world. This information regarding the current elastic type belt is directly from them. You can still find the separates, as I mentioned above, at any well stocked surplus store, as they are still being manufactored for the sporting folks. Regards. Michaelson

: Great, thanks a lot. I didn't know that it was the trousers belt.
: I always thought that he had an equiptment belt because it looked
: rather big. I actually own one of these army trouser belts,
: unfortunately it's black. I think I'll buy a khaki belt but keep my
: buckle. I looks pretty used...

: Thanks again,

: -Max

: Max, I'm been a commissioned officer in the United States Army for over ten years so here's the real deal on your belt questions... The Army actually has two trouser belts. One belt is worn with the Class A Uniform (Green dress type) and the other belt is worn with the BDU (battle dress or field uniform). Both are black but the former has a brass buckle with roller and is made of cotton webbing. The latter has an open-faced, brass buckle painted black. Neither are elastic, although there are elastic versions made by non-contracted suppliers (I guess for Air Force-types with big guts). Anyways, the Marine Corps has a khaki cotton webbing belt which is probably what you are looking for. For information on a supplier see my message earlier in this string. -CP

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