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Posted by Max Schulte from on April 15, 1998 at 12:27:16:

In Reply to: Whip carriers, pants & gloves... & more? posted by BAM on April 15, 1998 at 11:09:42:

: Thanks for all the info in response to my post.

: First of all apologies for the "foreign" terminology I use here(from the UK you see!).

: First of all pants. The colour is definitely Taupe (which is a dark beige with a rose hint - quite a unique colour) and I would bet a fair bit of money that the material was poly cotton (80% cotton). Very tough wearing, supple but not too heavy. I've got a few pair of trousers in the style and colour. Loose fitting (get a size bigger), front pleats, no turn-ups, two back pockets with button flap over covers. These are not special trousers. Dont pay a fortune. Cjeck out "classic" clothing stores. There's a US co. called LL Bean (international mail order) - who did do a pair very similar.

: Whip carrier. Again there's a change between movies. (STOP THAT!). In one movie it's fixed to the belt using the stud presser - e.g. the ball of the stud attaches thru the belt and the carrier. The carrier then hangs with the head of the stud at the bottom to create a loop when closed. The other style is like the Mark Allen one. It has a belt loop which - surprise - the belt goes through. And again the stud fastener holds the loop. You can spot the movies where it hangs rigid to his left, I think it's L.C. I TOD certainly it hangs all over the place. At his side, at his front... I have a sneeky feeling that's why Indy is seen to carry the whip round his shoulder. Maybe getting "in the road"?? : )

: The gloves - dearskin. Standard "work" gloves light protection. Gunn cut styling. (not gun!). The colour is very pale like just an off white in some pics - others seems to be a very worn yellowy buff colour. Dave Morgan web site (the Whip guy) has gloves that would do the trick. I've still to get a pair though.

: One point about the Webley. Make sure it has the Lanyard loop on the handle. In LC it seems to have. (a lanyard is a cord or thin rope which ties to the loop at the bottom of the handle and is held round the officer's neck to prevent weapon loss. Serious if you go to get your gun and it aint there - see TOD prior to rope bridge where the Raider's gag is).

: I hope this helps somewhere. Between us all I'm sure one day we'll be the envy of Harrison Ford!

: Regards to all,


BAM, do you have the address of this LL Bean shop, email adress, web
site? How much are these pants. I've been desperately looking for a
pair of Indy trousers. The Taupe color seems to be really rare. Most
of the pants I've come across were actually light beige.

It's the same with the shirt. I recently saw an outsatnding
shirt in a catalog. It is made of heavy cotton and the cut is very,
very similar to Indy's. The only problem is the color. It's light
kahki and doesn't even look similar to the color or the shirts used
in the movies. Is there a definition for the color of the original
shirt as well? It's supposed to be kahki but I'd say it's a mixture
of white, grey and kahki. When I saw it for the first time I thought
it was a white shirt that was only dirty.

Anyway thanks for the other information provided (especially about
the whip carrier). I'd say these items you mentioned are some of the
most discussed ones. They are actually "minor" - but important and very


P.S. Do you own a Webley yourself?

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