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Posted by The Northlander from dialup1-2.uplogon.com on April 15, 1998 at 23:46:28:

In Reply to: GETTING BACK TO BASICS posted by INDIANA GJR on April 11, 1998 at 13:17:18:

: The subject which i would like to discuss is on the secret ingriedient which will make the 4th indiana jones film a success.MY favorite indy film is Raiders , Last Crusade, and then Temple. What made Raiders the best of all was the ingriedient which is the heavy set seriousness of the film and the bond between indy and marion. Indy"s all out passion and determination to capture the ark was what made the movie the status of which it is today and the history which indy and marion shared as almost equals. In temple of doom , this formula was missing because indy had no set determination to capture the lost shankara stones. Indy simply stumbled on to the adventure not knowing what was really instore for him. What made Last Crusade so much better was the history which was explained on indys charachter(the origins of the whip and the hat) and the history between indy and his father, the bond with sala and marcus. What lacked was the determination on indys part for the Holy Grail. Indy would of never took on the quest for the grail if it wasnt for his missing father. Getting back to basics is what the 4th indy needs to be as equal of a sucsess as Raiders was. What the 4th installment needs is indys never give up, never say die, determination to seek find and capture what ever is sought and for GODS SAKE BRING BACK MARION RAVENWOOD FOR THE BOND SHE SHARED WITH INDIANA !!!!!
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A Raiders-like film is the only thing I'd like to see as an Indy 4. Bring back Marion and have some sort of closure on that whole issue. The seriousness or Raiders was perfect, and the little added bits of humor worked great without becoming overdone. The Ark was fearsome in its power as well, contributing a spooky atmosphere to the adventure. If the feel of the original cannot be captured once again, I think they should scrap the whole idea of an Indy 4.

And I'd love to see RAIDERS (or some other thing besides Indiana Jones) as part of the title.

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