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Posted by IndeeJonez from on April 16, 1998 at 22:12:54:

In Reply to: Re: Guess what? posted by Indiana Laz on April 16, 1998 at 20:53:50:

While I myself, would also absolutely love to see high quality Indiana Jones Figures produced today, I can Also see michealson's point of view
As an avid fan of iny, and somewhat a collector myself, one of course must take intocount the marketability of these figures. As well as the value of the original kenner figures. I am sure that michealson was misunderstood by the both of you. Having dealt with the man, I know for a fact this is not someone who collects for monetary value, but out of love for the films. As he stated, new figures would probably affect the market value of the earlier figures. And that is something to take into consideration. While i don't believe he said this because he would ever sell any of his figures(although i really wish he'd sell me some!), but rather, because a decrease in value of the figures is like a decrease in one's sefl worth. I mean, when you have original figures, like many of us do, I take great satisfaction in knowing that they are worth some money. Not that I am interested in selling them, but I take satisfaction becasue I am happy that all those years of me keeping them in good condition, and taking care not to damage them, paid off. I get a thrill out of knowing I had the foresight to hang on to something that no one else wanted(I remeber GI joe was the craze about that time) No one cared about, and no one took care of.
So you see, michealson is completely justified in being concerned that new figures might decrease the value, because with all the star wars tuff out there, it is really hard to be an indy fan these days. There ABSOLUTLEY NO merchandise being produced. Ok, we had the micro machines set recently, but that is hardly something good enought to feed my fix. So if new figures are produced, as much as I would for this to happen, and caused a decrease in the value in the original figures, then it is spit in the eye of every indy fan everywhere, who held on to, and had faith in, stuff no one else cared about.

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