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Posted by Indy Anna Jones on November 28, 1997 at 18:58:53:

In Reply to: Sorry to hear that...:) posted by Indiana Jerico on November 28, 1997 at 18:00:54:

: I'm sorry to hear that....but it's better than not trying, right? Well, guess better luck next ....ummmm...story? *grins that patented Indy grin*

: Anyway, I noticed you're quite good at HTML's and all that t' teach me how?

: And 'bout putting your pic at the bottom for a change? I'm always a sucker for a. Indy fan girl....*grins again*

Well, ummm.... thanx for your condolences... LOL! Wanna know about
HTML? Here goese:
BTW- no stars! (***)
<*font color*=*any color*>text<*/font color*>
<*font size*=*a number*>text<*/font size*>
<*IMG src=picture addy*>
<*A HREF=page adress*>link text<*/A*>
<*A HREF=mailto:mail adress*> mail to text <*/A*>
<*title*>title to page<*/title*>
<*center*>center text<*/center*>
<*S*>line through text<*/S*>
<*PRE*> pre-format
Hhhmmm... did I miss anything? Propably! LOL!
My pic's not scanned yet. Yet. LOL! But should be soon.
BTW, what R your stats?
***Indy Anna Jones***

Its not my picture, but......

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