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Posted by Max Schulte from on April 17, 1998 at 05:11:58:

In Reply to: Re: Wested 'Raiders' Jacket posted by INDIANA GJR on April 15, 1998 at 15:51:57:

: : : Can anyone tell me whether or not the wested jacket is like the one in raiders, or the last crusade? The one in last crusade has a bigger collar as well as snaps on the storm flap, while raiders has a smaller collar and no snaps. And I think the one in temple is slightly longer than the other 2 movies. Can anyone tell me which version(raider,temple,last crusade)of the jacket is made by wested? Also are you able to request the movie style you want? Also I believe the lining in raider was satin or silk, and the other films it was cotton. Any info provided is appreciated. Post your reply, or if you want to, e mail me at

: : : Thanks for any info you may have

: : Well, as far as I know the Wested Jacket is more like the one in 'Last
: : Crusade'. You're right, the jacket had a silk lining in 'Raiders' and
: : a cotton lining in the sequals. You can choose which inside lining you
: : want to have in your jacket. The jacket is individually handcut and so
: : you have to order them your exact measurents or your exact regular
: : size. I ordered them sleeve lenght, chest size, height and the width
: : across from shoulder from shoulder. Another point is the finish: Your
: : jacket will come in new condition but you can also order the
: : distressed look. They put the jacket a few minutes in the tumble dryer
: : with large pebbles in order to achieve the weathered look (also used
: : in the movies). I'd say let nature and time do it for you. You'll know
: : every scratch and the jacket will soon "tell it's own story". At least
: : I think so and ordered mine in new condition. If you want to make your
: : jacket look a little bit distressed your can find yourself a nice
: : brick wall and rub yourself (the jacket) against it like cats do. It's
: : made of soft dark brown lamb skin - so be careful...
: : The jacket is known under the name 'Raiders Jacket' and costs about
: : 140 pounds. You can pay by cheque, eurocheque, bank draft, credit card,
: : bank transfer, etc.
: : I'd highly recommend this jacket. It's a great collectors item and a
: : good, high-quality leather jacket.
: : If you've got further questions I'd be glad to answer them - just post
: : a message on the forum or email me-

: : Hope this helps you,

: : -Max

: MAX,

I contacted Mr. Botwright and asked him how the jackets for the movies
were weathered. He told me that they have a special dryer for that.
They put some large pebbles with the jacket into it for some minutes
so that the rough stones rub off the outer layer of the leather. They
use this process for the jacket you can buy now as well. You can see
this patina very well in the motorcycle chase in LC. You'll notice
that the leather around the seams is a light brown and that there are
a few 'nice' scratches in it.
Furthermore the told me that you can also do this weathering yourself
by rubbing the jacket against a brick wall. I'll probably do this if
my jacket looks too 'new'.



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