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Posted by Michaelson from on April 17, 1998 at 10:53:50:

In Reply to: Old vs. New posted by Rob Roy on April 17, 1998 at 10:05:57:

: Regardless of how newly produced figures would affect the old ones, I don't think Kenner would really care. They're not making money off the figures already sold years ago. They want to make a buck, and the only way to do that is make new ones. As to the issue of how the figures stand and fit in the vehicles, I can only hope that they don't just target the collector, but actually allow the figures to have a purpose once opened from their package. I balked at the Star Wars line because of the reduced articulation in the limbs, but then I changed my mind once I began collecting. It's just nice to have the figures!! Would you rather they never made them at all? How nihilistic.

I thank IndeeJonez for those kind words. I am not interested in selling any of my collection for those very reasons. I was in my mid 20's when Raiders first came out. Those of use who even gave a darn were desparately searching out any and every tid bit of information and merchandise that could be found, which at that time, was slim and not at all. The internet did not exist, nor even a decent fax. I have been fortunate to collect over 450+ articles, a lot in doubles and triples of items ,only because I knew someday folks like you new people would someday arrive and discover the world of Indiana Jones, and I in turn would have good trading stock to work with, as well as items that will NEVER be removed from my collection. I have found it fascinating the items such as tapes and merchandise that are being searched for on this forum are sitting in boxes at my home, things that 15+ years ago people were throwing out, or selling at cut rate prices to get rid of. I would rather give away a double of my IJ Kenner figures to a legit IJ collector than sell, because you folks are the ones that will continue to carry the torch that we first picked up at the beginning. Until you all understand that yes, there is indeed a "market" for every item that is out there, and understand the worth that these items are to you as the collector, you've missed out on a huge part of this hobby. Incidentally, my niece gave me an April copy of April's "White's guide to collecting Figures" magazine....the Kenner IJ action figure from the 82 series is currently $110, with Marion running at $160. Double those if still on the card, and the prices are currently listed as climbing. Don't you think the interest that we currently generating is being reflected by these prices? Who else is interested in buying these but us. It's us, the collectors, that are driving up these prices, and with that, don't think Kenner will ignore that fact. If Kenner does indeed reintroduce any of the original figure, or retools for new one, it will be because of this action regarding the selling and trading of us collectors. That's where the money is for the toy makers now. Yes, I know I've rambled along for while, but please recognise that we are indeed fans, but we are also the power that drives the engine that creates the market. Use that power, or at least recognise you have it. Enough preaching. Regards. Michaelson

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