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Posted by Glen from 202-13-164.ipt.aol.com on April 17, 1998 at 21:09:59:

long time no post ya all. micah, your old indy game page is missing something. you missed all the video game system games. as a funcoland employee, i have managed to collect most of them. here are the ones that i know of. please let me know if i missed any. please keep all systems in mind...sega masters system, sega genesis, nintendo, super nes, atari, 32x, turbo graffix, and so on. thankx!!!!

IJ & Raiders of the lost ark (atari)
IJ Greatest Adventures (SNES)
IJ & Temple of Doom (nin)
IJ & Last Crusade (nin)
IJ & Last Crusade (Sega Genesis)
IJ & Last Crusade (Game Gear)
IJ & Last Crusade (Game Boy)
Young Indy (nin)
Young Indy (Sega Genesis)

Now these are all the ones i own, and that i know of. i believe that there is at least one more atari adventure, and i believe there to be in existence a turbo graffix and a sega masters system game. please help me in my quest. thankx!


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