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Posted by Stephen on November 28, 1997 at 21:11:19:

In Reply to: Re: There are corny elements to Raiders posted by Indy Anna Jones on November 28, 1997 at 15:03:54:

: : : There are corny elements to Raiders (the face melting scene, the characterizations of the villains) but they are outweighed by the sheer relentless pace and TRUCK CHASE SCENE and crate warehouse scene. This is one of the most satisfying movies ever.

: : : But there are some corny elements.

: : From a SF/X POV, I concede the face melting. But what's so bad about the villains? Belloq had some great lines, and I love Toht's scene where he's in Marian's bar. But where's the corn?

: : BTW, I'm not heedlessly defending anything Indy, I'm just curious. However, I think some much cornier scenes can be found in TOD -- "Wake up, Dr. Jones!" for one, and the whole bit about the mararajah (sp?) knowing about the left tunnel... but like you said, outweighed by the rest.
: Hi!
: I just want to ask; whats corny about the Maharajah knowing about the
: left tunnel????? It is his castle, and he should know
: the way out. Like if the British attack, I'm sure Mola Ram wants the
: Maharaja to escape so he can keep his cover, so just why wouldn't
: he tell the kid????? But the whole thing with the ripping out the
: guys heart and him living and then it bursting into flame was a bit corny,
: although it also added a nice touch, I think.

: ***Indy Anna Jones***

I think the removing of the heart was right in line with the plot.
There have been Fakirs and other mystics who employ such organ removals
even today... maybe you've seen one of the news stories about this kind
of thing over the past few years. It seemed like Mola Ram was just
using a little slight-of-hand to remind his followers HE had the power
and was in charge.


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