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Posted by Max Schulte from on April 18, 1998 at 02:12:25:

In Reply to: Re: Wested and whip posted by Dale Dassel on April 18, 1998 at 00:38:42:

: : : Hi Max!

: : : Ich hatte Dir vor zwei Tagen mal eine Mail zu der Jacke geschrieben.

: : : Mich wuerde interessieren wie lange die Lieferung nach Deutschland
: : : gedauert hat und welche Maße Du angegeben hast.

: : : Kannst mir ja ansonsten direkt mailen:

: : : CU
: : : Jan

: : Ich hab Dir gerade ein email mit den Antworten geschickt,

: : sorry das ich nicht früher geantwortet habe...

: : -Max

: I'm not sure that it's any of our business, but could you
: please translate your conversation with Jan because not all of us
: speak German (though I did live there for three years) and I'm sure
: that I'm not the only one who is curious about this.
: I noticed that I failed to answer your question about whether
: the Last Crusade jacket has the buttons on the storm flap zipper cover.
: In answer to yourquery, yes it does, but the Raiders jacket, obviously,
: does not. You can see a very good picture of the button on the Crusade
: jacket by looking in the book The Films of Harrison Ford. On page 27
: there is a picture of the cover of Orbit Video magazine from January of
: 1990. On it is a close-up of Harrison Ford from Last Crusade, in full
: Indy garb. You can clearly see a brass button swen onto the top of the
: zipper flap. I have heard that there is one at the bottom as well.

: -Dale

Dale, Jan just had sent me an email concerning the Wested two
days ago. However I forgot to answer it and so he asked again how long
the delivery to germany took and what measurements I ordered for my
jacket. In my "follow up" I informed him that I've just send him an
email to answer his questions. For those who are interested: The
delivery took about 5 weeks (delay because of heavy snowfall in
London and Eastertime). I ordered Mr. Botwright sleeve size,
height, width from shoulder to shoulder and my chest size: All values
in cm (I converted them to inch as a precaution but Wested can also
handle measurements in cm).

Thanks for the information about the storm flap. My jacket doesn't
have buttons, does yours have? So it's really more the 'Raiders-style'
jacket. What a pity! I was more interested in a 'Crusader' jacket. But
it's still an awesome, great leather jacket (ever noticed that some
of the messages posted to the forum more or less sound like
advertisements for the Wested jacket. But they are actually true.
We should join together and write a book: The 'Raiders' Jacket - A
comprehensive Reference to the fabulous Indiana Jones Jacket...

Hey, that's great Dale! Where did you live in Germany if I may ask?



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