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Posted by Indy Anna Jones on November 29, 1997 at 17:03:58:

In Reply to: Re: There are corny elements to Raiders posted by The Dentman on November 29, 1997 at 14:17:30:

: : : BTW, I'm not heedlessly defending anything Indy, I'm just curious. However, I think some much cornier scenes can be found in TOD -- "Wake up, Dr. Jones!" for one, and the whole bit about the mararajah (sp?) knowing about the left tunnel... but like you said, outweighed by the rest.
: : Hi!
: : I just want to ask; whats corny about the Maharajah knowing about the
: : left tunnel????? It is his castle, and he should know
: : the way out. Like if the British attack, I'm sure Mola Ram wants the
: : Maharaja to escape so he can keep his cover, so just why wouldn't
: : he tell the kid????? But the whole thing with the ripping out the
: : guys heart and him living and then it bursting into flame was a bit corny,
: : although it also added a nice touch, I think.

: : ***Indy Anna Jones***

: So I *do* know how to spell maharajah! Wonderful!

: To address the point, you're right, it's not that serious, but still, how'd the prince know they were taking a mine shaft out? Besides, I don't think the prince would know any exit other than the way into the palace, where he led the captured children. But that's a plot hole, not a corn element. I guess I'm just nitpicking.

: You know, I just love this pattern. "the guy" talks about a corny element. I reply, asking what's corny about it, and state something else corny. Indy Anna replies to me, asking what's corny about the scene I mentioned, but in turn describes a scene *she* found corny. Then Stephen replies, asking what's corny about Indy Anna's offering. It's a chain of corn! Oh, never mind.


: Hmm. I wonder if my logo works... I hope so, I need to spruce up my messages a wee bit...

I think the Maharajah has a right to know whats happening under his
kingdom... As long as he was under the spell on the Blood of Kali, why
wouldn't he know? That way, he wouldn't stumble into the shaft and
get cut in two by a beam or something. LOL! Then Mola Ram has no
cover... a new Maharajah would take the throne and then Mola'd have to
make him drink the blood and stuff... Yum yum! LOL!
BTW: nice logo! LOL! But, if you don't mind me asking: whats it
supposed to be? Looks like a chhet infront of a dimond... Correct?
Probably not. LOL! Oh, hey, I just got back from Starship Troopers;
now THERES a good movie (even if if is slightly gorey! LOL)!
***Indy Anna Jones***

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