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Posted by Michaelson from on April 20, 1998 at 12:50:37:

In Reply to: Re: Indy music posted by Max Schulte on April 20, 1998 at 08:47:07:

: : : : We've been through our favorite scenes and our favorite lines... but how about our favorite pieces of music? Music that conveys well the situation Indy's found himself within, sets up the perfect mood, and makes his adventures a thousand times more thrilling. Let's go with our favorite three, excluding the RAIDERS MARCH. Here's mine...

: : : : 1) The music played during the liberation of the children in the Thuggee catacombs from TEMPLE, right after Indy says "Right. All of us."

: : : : 2) The music from the desert chase in Raiders, as Indy struggles to gain control of the truck. I love the beat it has... DUM. DUM. DUM- dum-dum-dum-dum.

: : : : And...

: : : : 3) The music we hear when during the motercycle chase in CRUSADE.

: : : : Anyone else?

: : : : Aragorn

: : : OK, here are my three favorite pieces of music:

: : : 1. The music from the scene where Indy and his father search for a
: : : secret door out of the German castle to the end of the motorcycle
: : : chase (Last Crusade - Track #3 on LC-CD)

: : : 2. Music during the 'No Ticket' scene. The change of the music is
: : : really great when Indy tosses Vogel out of the window (Last Crusade).

: : : 3. The music we hear during the scene in Temple of Doom when Indy and
: : : Shorty are trapped in that room and spikes come out of the walls.
: : : (Michaelson, is this on the ToD-CD too?)

: : : Regards,

: : : -Max

: : Max, I really don't know. All my stuff is the original vinyl 33 1/3 records that I still play now and again. Heck, I still have and use a 4 channel 8 track tape player, probably the only live one living in captivity in the deep South of the US !! The only CD I even personally own is a first issue sealed CD of Last Crusade. My kids have all the CD's in the house.

: Thanks for the response Michaelson. I recently bought a Last Crusade
: CD at a sellout at a shop nearby. I was actually looking for an old
: record when I noticed the LC-CD. It was the last CD and quite cheap.
: I once listened to a Star Wars CD. It was horrible - rather meaningless
: so I was a little skeptical. But the Last Crusade CD is just great.
: So I was wondering if there was a ToD soundtrack CD as well. I quite
: like the tunes in the second movie.

: Regards,

: -Max

: P.S. Hey, the 'old' records are quite nice. Good quality and the
: originals...

Max, using information from the professionals, it is said that CD's can and will not ever hold the integrity that vinyl does, simply because it is light read, via laser reader. After the CD material breaks down, it will lose it's fidelity and bass reading, leading to the bad sound you experienced. Sort of like trying to develop photographic film in a darkroom with light leaks. After a while, if the leaks get worse, your photographs start looking pretty bad. Vinyl lost it's stand because it is a petroleum based product, and therefore started to be to expensive to produce. Note the cost of "virgin" vinyl records on the sounds link here on the forum.....$40 plus per record! Snap up any records you can. The movie sound tracks are getting harder and harder to find. Regards. from your toy/record hording, gun toting friend, Michaelsono

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