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Posted by Michaelson from on April 20, 1998 at 13:45:17:

In Reply to: Re: Webley, 1911, etc. posted by Max Schulte on April 20, 1998 at 08:55:39:

: : : : : : : Anyway, I've got a question concerning the other guns in the movies.
: : : : : : : What the name/calibre of the machine gun used during the boat chase
: : : : : : : in Venice?
: : : : : : : The German soldiers are mostly carrying K 98 rifles (.308) and the Mp40 machine gun (I dont remember the calibre: 7.62 ???). I also
: : : : : : : recognized the P08 Luger and P38 (both 9mm) and the Mauser C96
: : : : : : : (7.63 Mauser) during the bar fight. At the beginning of ToD Lao Che
: : : : : : : definetly made use of a 'Tommy Gun' (.45 ACP).

: : : : : : : Regards,

: : : : : : : -Max

: : : : : : Max, I think the machinegun used during the Venice boat chase sequence was a British Sten gun. But I also have a question for the gun experts in this string, what were the rifles used by Captain Blumbart's Sepoy troops in the bridge sequence of Temple of Doom? -CP

: : : : : As far as I remember the troops used the Lee Enfield Rifle MKIII. It's
: : : : : actually a bolt action rifle used for military purpose in the calibre
: : : : : .303 British. They used the 10-round detachable magazine. The position
: : : : : of the bolt and the ease and smoothness of the action made this rifle
: : : : : famous for the speed with which it can be fired. I think it was used
: : : : : by the British Army in WWI and WWII.
: : : : : Btw, thanks for answering my question concerning the machine gun...

: : : : : -Max

: : : : Sorry to have disappeared during this discussion. The Sten gun was an interesting choise for the boat scene,eh? I guess my favorite problem on the T of D shoot out at the end is the British soldier in the foreground shooting across the ravine, who trys to double feed his Enfield, and jams the gun when it kicks out two shells at the same time. Very embarrassing, and in a bad situation, rather deadly. Thanks for the offer on the cylinder stop. I did indeed find the part through the company Victoria Trading Post here in the US. I pulled out my old list, dated 1992, and saw at that time he had Mark VI flap holsters of military issue for sale at around $75 then, from the Boer war and WW I. Wonder if his stock has changed much? I believe I'm going to fax him and find out. Regards. Michaelson

: : : Gee, I remember this scene Michaelason! This guy was desperately
: : : trying to shoot again. The only thing I really would like to know
: : : if the jammed gun was planned or if it was an accident.

: : : -Max

: : I really think, after watching in theaters and on video, they handed an "extra" this weapon, said point it that way, cycle the handle and pull the trigger as fast as you can. It reminds me of some of the old "B" westerns where you can spot the extras during the old shoot-em ups of yore. They pointed the old Colt peacemakers and squeezed away, totally forgetting to cock the darn thing after every shot. I love to watch the look of surprise on their faces when the revolver doesn't go bang. You know it's a low budget when the director doesn't go back and reshoot the scene, he just leaves it in! That's what still raises my eyebrows on this T of D thing. I guess they must have been running out of time or light to try to correct this slip. I have a high regard for the British military. I am sure a real soldier wouldn't cycle his rifle so fast to jam it, unless he had a defective piece, which doesn't make since for a field unit. Oh well. I'm sure we'll all see this again. Hollywood doesn't care a lot of times. Regards. Michaelson

: Totally agree with you. Guess they didn't want to reshoot the scene
: because it must have been pretty much work to simulate the impacts
: of the bullets and Mola Ram's guards falling down the cliff about
: 200yd across the abyss (I think you could see it in the background
: during the jammed-gun-scene).
: I wouldn't say that this would have happened to a soldier as well as
: a mistake like that could be deadly...

: By the way, I recently saw 'Raiders' again and noticed the German
: stationary machine gun MG-34 on the jeeps during the truck scenes.

: -Max
Yes, but I'm meaning deadly in terms of you're cycling shells through a weapon, and not sending anything at your targets direction, while they in turn are doing their best to return the favor, and using their weapon correctly. Did I say that cryptically enough? Good talking shop with you! Regards. Michaelson

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