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Posted by Dan Borton from on April 20, 1998 at 23:00:50:

In Reply to: Re: hat question posted by Cap'n Paul on April 20, 1998 at 14:00:29:

: : Hi! I know this probably comes up a lot, but maybe someone could help me out. I'd really like to find a hat as close to Indy's as possible. I've heard that the Stetson Temple is pretty close, and not to get the "Official" hat found at the Miller Hats website because it has a teardrop crown instead of creased. HOWEVER (and here's my question) I called Miller, and they said they are now getting shipments of the same "Official" indy hats, except with a creased crown, and they would no longer be carring the teardrop hats. Would the Official (creased) hat be closer to the origional than the Stetson Temple? Also, looks aside, what is the quality of the "official" hat compared to the Stetson? Any help would be appreciated..thanks!

: :Rick, hard to say what the difference would be regarding this new "official" Indy Hat and the Stetson Temple, or, for that matter, the Stetson Ark model, without finding someone who has ever ordered the newer version you've described. I will tell you this though. I own a couple of Stetson cowboy hats, a straw hat for when I used to work a 1500-acre farm, and a black beaver felt for country/western dance competitions. Both hats rule the lower plains of hell as far as fit, durability, and value for the buck go. I wouldn't trade them for anything.
: Like you, I have been contemplating the Stetson Temple but I also like the look of the Ark model as well. Between the Stetson and the other hat you described, I'm partial to the Stetson. My problem is deciding which way to go - Temple or Ark. I like 'em both but would like to hear other's opinions. Can anybody out there provide some feedback on both Rick's question and my dilemma? -CP

While this is probably not much help, I have been looking for a new Indiana Jones hat for a while now too. Excluding the Herbert Johnson or the Custom hatters version, I have narrowed it down to the Stetson Temple, the Stetson Ark, which seem almost identical, and Dorfman Pacificís licensed Indy hat. I have yet to decide which one to get, as I like all three of them. Its difficult for me to tell which is closer to the movie hat, without seeing the hats up close though. BTW For those wondering the Stetson Ark does have the center creased crown like the Temple.


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