Fall replacement

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Posted by Dale Dassel from iax-minden-ppp0010.iamerica.net on April 21, 1998 at 04:52:14:

In Reply to: Re: BULLWHIP ORDERING posted by Dan Borton on April 20, 1998 at 22:35:06:

: : They also advertise a fall replacement service at $20 plus
: : shipping and mailing it via insured post. The cracker is easy enough to
: : replace if you use the instructions on David Morgan's website. I have
: : never changed a whip cracker in my life, but did it correctly on the
: : first try by following Mr. Morgan's instructions. It is likely that you
: : will not be able to make your new knot as small as David's, but he is an
: : expert whipmaker of many years experience. Besides, a bigger knot
: : holds the cracker on better. Now the fall is something that I would leave
: : in David Morgan's hand. Granted that falls don't need replaced if the
: : whip is properly used, but I wouldn't dare do an operation like that
: : on my prized bullwhip!!! The Whips and Whipmaking book give clear instructions,
: : but I'd leave it to the professionals. They know what they're doing.

: : -Dale

: Dale, like you said replacing a cracker or popper is pretty simple. Regarding the fall As long as they are treated with a little care a good fall should last you a while. While I know that the replacement of a whips fall looks like its complicated, its really not that difficult. David Morgan has the steps listed in his book, But If the knots for Australian style falls are in good shape, all you need to do is carefully slice through the eye if the old fall, grease it, then pull the old fall through the knots to remove it. Then slide eye of the a well greased new fall over the thong and thread the new fall through the knots. Then just pull it up tight and so that its secure. If the knots are damaged all you need to do is untie or cut that section off, Make sure the end is well greased. Thread the eye of the new fall over the thong. Then unbraid part of the thong so you have long enough kangaroo strands to securely tie the new fall to the whip., tie up the fall with each of the kangaroo strands. The knots are pretty simple, you just might need to practice a little so they line up. Make sure the knots are tight. Then give the fall a good tug so that its secure. If you feel more comfortable sending it in for a replacement fall though, thatís fine too.

: Dan

Yeah, I read that part... But I myself would leave it up to
the professionals. I'd be afraid of cutting the leather myself. The
cracker was puppychow to put on, just a simple knot, but to cut off
the old knot and unbraid part of the whip and tie a new knot- that's
something else entirely!!! All of those half-hitches and such...forget
it!!! I'll leave well enough alone!!! I just don't trust myself. A
couple bucks is a small price to pay for perfection and experienced
care, wouldn't you agree?


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