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Posted by Bob from on April 21, 1998 at 11:30:15:

In Reply to: Re: My visit to Jacket shop posted by Dale Dassel on April 20, 1998 at 18:20:05:

: : : Bob, very sorry to hear of your bad experience regarding the
jacket. Being one the recent folks receiving a jacket here in the US,
I understand your surprise concerning the "light weight" condition of
the leather, but let's back up a second and look at this again. I
understand there are many grades of leather out there. As I understand
from reading and questioning folks around here in south central
Tennessee, don't be fooled by the light weight material. We have two
tanneries here in Tullahoma because Worth baseball factory is based
here, as well as a large leather coat factory that make Navy G-2
flight jackets as well as A2's under contract for the US government.
Apparently, according to them, the "weight" doesn't denote the
strength of the item. Goat skin and calf's skin (the material in the
Raider's jacket) are listed as the densest animal "fiber" available
for production of jacket or clothing material because of it's ability
to withstand stress and abrasion. Kangaroo is listed as up there too
in the exotic leathers (David Morgan's whips). Horsehide is next down
(baseball/softball material), then good old cow skin, the tried and
true "heavy weight" material, but least expensive of the lot. The
calfskin used by Peter Botwright is the hightest quality part of the
hide, and is used only in items that will experience extreme stress,
and not tear or fray at seams. So while it is that tough, it also is
light enough to be worn on a summer day without cooking you, as my
regular cowskin A2 does. I hope this is helpful information. I t
hought the same thing when I received a goatskin vest as a gift, and
wondered if it would even last a month considering how light and soft
it was. That was 4 long years ago, and believe me, it's as tough as
nails. Incidentally, it is used as motorcycle leather material, too.
If that ain't tough, nothing is! Regards. Michaelson

: Allow me to further what Michaelson said. The leather is light and tough,
: the proof itself is on film. The movies do the advertising for you.
: I mean, the man gets dragged behind a diesel truck on a hot, rocky
: desert road with his jacket zipped up. The proof is right there!!!
: The jacket aside, the whole Indy outfit looks good, as well as being
: completely functional. The light weight and comfort are the bonuses.
: If you can make an item tough, as well as light, soft, and comfortable,
: then you have an all-around great product. For me, my first impressions
: of authentic Indy gear were those of sheer joy and awe. Just the fact
: that these items are the REAL THING is worth the price you pay. But,
: as mentioned before, they are fully functional as well- not cheaply-made
: movie "props". This is the best there is, and they should last for many
: years to come, with proper care. But, as well-built as they are, I
: wouldn't try to test their limits- I mean, anything can break. Just
: use them, enjoy them, take care of them and they will take care of you.

: -Dale

Hi again

Thanks for all the advice regarding my visit to Wested. Having
examined the jacket first hand I suppose my primary concern was
the ability of this item to function as a piece of clothing for
regular wear. Obviously the jacket was designed to fit the
requirements of a principal actor and various stunt personel over
the 3-4 month shoot of the movie. Additionally the production would
require multiple jackets to cover costume changes etc. With this in
mind my impresssion of the jacket was that this was a very nicely
crafted movie prop (or part of costume), but was not a bona fide
garment for the real world so to speak.

Having listened with interest to your helpful replies I will revisit
the store again and re-evaluate matters based on your comments. One
thing that is perhaps worth mentioning is that the girl in the store
(obviously noting my concerns as to the jackets construction) said
that the jackets is also available (for same price)in hide.

In a nutshell it wasn't what I was expecting and just didn't "look"
as good as the item seen in theatres or on the small screen. I do
appreciate your comments and I will look again.



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