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Posted by Bob from chiac.eee.strath.ac.uk on April 23, 1998 at 11:16:12:

Hi folks

First I think that a FAQ for the Wested jacket is a great idea as questions on this topic seem to account for a sizeable percentage of postings on this forum. To this end you may wish to add the following in edited form.

There have been several posts from those who having received the jacket mail order or visited the store in London (as I have), expressing their surprise as to the how soft and light weight the jacket actually is. Despite watching the movie countless times over the years I think most people assume that this garment is constructed from a stiff leather hide when in actual fact it is made from a thin (but I'm told very robust) high quality leather skin (English lamb). In looking at the movie again I noticed that only a couple of scenes really convey the actual "skin like" material properties of the jacket.

Some have said look at the fight around the flying wing, "jacket flopping on Ford's back". For me I feel that a much truer indication of what this jacket is all about can be seen in two other movie scenes. First look at the behaviour of the jacket when Indy emerges from the flaming ruins of the bar in Tibet into a blizzard. Clearly it is billowing in a manner that stiff hide never would. Also check the scene when Indy and the Arabs are silhouetted against the sunset during the dig for the Well of Souls. If you look at the silhouetted figure of Indy just prior to him putting on his hat, you can see the outline of the jacket fluttering in the breeze.

Hope this is of some assistance to those who are thinking of placing an order for this item. Its worth noting that the response of those who have received the jacket has been overwhelmingly positive.


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