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Posted by Dale Dassel from on April 23, 1998 at 22:57:28:

In Reply to: The Indy Jacket FAQ 1.0.0 posted by Kevin on April 23, 1998 at 20:08:04:

: Ok,here's a prelim version of the FAQ

: The Indy Jacket FAQ 1.0.0

: Disclaimer : working on it....(perhaps someone good with legal stuff can type one out)

: 1. What exactly is the Indy Jacket ?

: Well, the Indy Jacket is an exact replica of the leather jacket worn by Harrison Ford in his portrayal of Indiana Jones. For more information, please look on to the message by Peter Botwright of Wested Leather, makers of the Indy Jacket.

: Peter Botwright,, of Wested Leather writes...

: May I confirm that it was my company which made the jackets for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the Raiders films. I still have the original patterns and specifications which date back to 1980. I was originaly commissioned by Bermans and Nathan Costumiers to make the jacket which was one of my designs dramatically altered to fit the requirements of the film's designer and of course Mr. Harrison Ford himself. Over the three Raiders films I made a total of 48 jackets covering the stunt men, stand-ins and Harrison Ford, for whom we had made jackets before. Lucasfilms have licenced companies to make copies of the jacket but they are only poor imitations as I have always kept the original design. I can supply to you an original specification duplicate of the exact jacket worn by Harrison Ford.

: 2. Whatís so great about this jacket ? (aka Testimonies)

: This isinít just any ordinary jacket...

: Dale Dassel ( writes :

: The only problem I see with this is that from practically all postings, we're all having the same type experiences with this jacket. Maybe if you take all
: the postings, compile them into one statment, then we'll all sign it that you'll have what you're looking for. Yep, maybe that's to simple, but it's better
: than printing "ditto, ditto,ditto...." . Would probably take you less time too. Let me know how I can help. Regards. Michaelson

: : Okay, I am a Wested jacket owner and here is my comment:

: : This jacket kicks ass, and you can kick ass while wearing this jacket!!!

: 3. Another side of the story...

: Bob ( writes:

: Hi Folks

: I visited Wested leather a few weeks ago in London, with a view
: to ordering a Raiders jacket. This is a garment I have admired
: since I first saw the movie in 1981 and was further encouraged by
: all the good reports I have read from those (many from USA) who have
: received a jacket by mail order.

: Folks I have to level with you....when I saw the jacket my heart sank,
: I couldn't believe this was the same item I have been after all these
: years. To say the materials used are thin, soft and light weight are
: (I'm sorry) gross understatement. I'm not trying to be negative here,
: but to those who have ever owned a leather jacket made from hide (this
: item is made from skin), you will be very surprised at just how (dare
: I say it) flimsy this jacket seems when viewed (and worn) at first
: hand. Incidentally this is the "Raiders" jacket, open storm flap
: unlike Last Crusade which had stud fasteners top and bottom.

: On reflection it was in keeping with a similar experience I have had
: on seeing props from movies and TV shows at exhibitions (eg Star
: Wars, Star Trek etc)in Europe and The States. In essence what looks
: good on the big screen, more often than not looks distictly
: unimpressive when given close up or as in this case "hands on"
: inspection.

: On the plus side the staff were very friendly and helpful, and I felt
: quite welcome to browse in the store. I realise the posts on this
: subject have been overwhelmimgly positive and that without exception
: other posters seem "thrilled" and "excited" etc with their jackets.
: Perhaps it was this that threw me, and contributed to the experience
: being such a let down. The above of course is just my opinion,
: everyones taste being different etc but I thought I would share
: my experience regardless.

: Regards

: Bob

: 4. Ok, Iím sold, how do I order the thing ?

: £140 + £15 post/pac or $249 + $26 S/H
: Mastercard, Visa or by cheque.

: Sizes: 38-46 regular or long (please include your height and any special sizing)
: Delivery: Dispatched 14 days from order plus post time.

: Wested Leather Co.
: 335/5 Ordinance Road
: Enfield, EN3 6HE
: England

: Phone: 1992-762-946
: Fax: 1992-700-476
: (From U.S., use prefix: 011-44) Thanks, Dale Dassel

Hey, everything looks good so far. I'm flattered that you
included my (kick ass) comment, but I was just trying to be amusing!!!
You might want to add that Mr. Botwright requires the following measurements
for the perfect fit: height, chest size, sleeve length, shoulder-to-shoulder
measurement. It might also be good to check with Mr. Botwright to see
if these jackets can be made for female Indiana Jones fans as well,
being that females require different measurements than us guys.
Just a thought, but I figure that all the girls will appreciate this.
Otherwise, keep up the great work!!! If you need anymore commentary
from us owners, just ask!!!


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