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Posted by The Northlander from on April 23, 1998 at 23:51:48:

In Reply to: Re: 3d action game -realistic Indy? I think NOT posted by Kevin on April 23, 1998 at 12:28:30:

: : Alright fellows, i am a big indy fan. not the type that buys all of
: : the indy stuff (not that theres anything wrong with that) i just really like the character and, being a future archaeologist, i ofcourse like the subject matter. let me get to my point, i heard from here i think, that theres gonna be an indy 3d action game? jeez, come on. what makes this character so great is that he is not a ture action hero, he, as lucas says is a bumbling archaeologist who gets into a lot of trouble, but who can usually find a way to take care of himself. so, why an action game when a (and i hate to say it) a tomb raider game would be more his style. he IS adventure and a MUCH better made tomb raider game that was even less action and more adventure game type would be a gift from god. i look forward to any news on this and trust indyfan will have it first. likewise i do trust slightly that lucasarts will stick with the true character that we know and not make indy into rambo. THANKS FOR A GREAT PAGE.

: with a 3D WAY Indy will be accuratly portrayed...face it,
: 3d technology just is not advanced enough for us all to play games that
: let us totally interact with the environment... Look at Jedi Knight,
: now IMHO, the integration of the force powers was quite poorly done, but
: it was because Lucasarts was limited in terms of technology...

I agree with you as well. 3-D action + Indian Jones = 'What the hell?' If you ask me (which nobody did,) Fate of Atlantis was a great style of play for an Indy game and I would love to see another similar game with modern graphics and sound capabilities. Unfortunately this is LucasArts - the people who decided we needed a Star Wars fighting game. They don't care if it's right for the subject matter or not, they just want to try their hand at every 'genre' of popular game. So, 'Raiders of the Lost Tomb' is on its way! Yipeeeee! Wake me when it's over...

PS: I don't dislike Tomb Raider, and don't see why so many of you do. In my opinion it's very different from Indy, and the above posts would seem to support this. Lighten up people, there's room for more than just Indy in this world.


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