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Posted by IndeeJonez from on April 24, 1998 at 02:17:04:

In Reply to: Re: Wested jacket lining posted by Stephen on April 23, 1998 at 22:38:24:

: : : : : : : can one of you guys help me on one of the posts i left on the wested leather question please?? if any one could help its you guys!!!
: : : : : : : thanks,
: : : : : : : EBO

: : : : : : If you're referring to your post of the 20th, the size you're getting sounds correct to me. I just ordered a size 44, and am 6 ft 1 1/2 in myself, and the jacket I received fits me so well it's scarey. I received the jacket with cotton lining, but because I specifically requested this type, since living here in the south, a silk lining is not all that comfortable, where the cotton breathes. Sounds to me like you're on the right track. One thing I haven't really figured out from the posts is the discussions of the Raiders or LC jacket. I don't recall the LC jacket actually being offered for sale, though I imagine Peter will sell anything you request. I never actually spoke to anyone there, but did all my direct contact via email. Anyway, I believe you're ok size wise regarding your coat. Regards. Michaelson

: : : : : Hey Michaelson, by any chance do you remember which lining was
: : : : : in which movie. I recall that there were two linings: cotton or silk,
: : : : : but I'm not sure which one was the one for Raiders. I asked for the
: : : : : Raiders lining and I got cotton. Silk is that slick, shiny stuff, right?
: : : : : Well, not that it matters- I'm totally happy with my jacket. And I
: : : : : should be getting my Wested certificate and business card in the mail
: : : : : any day now.

: : : : : -Dale

: : : : Dale, I think the silk lining was used in Raiders while the cotton
: : : : lining was used in ToD and LC. However I'm not quite sure about that.
: : : : I have cotton lining in mine and I'd say it's really better. Like
: : : : Michaelson already said silk is not that good when it's hot. Maybe
: : : : they changed the lining in ToD because it wasn't comfortable enough.
: : : : Btw, I recently contacted Mr. Botwright because I didn't recieve a
: : : : certificate with my jacket. Hope I'll get it soon...

: : : : Regards,

: : : : -Max

: : : I agree with Max. I have owned silk lined coats before. They are WONDERFUL coats, but mainly up north for cool weather. Regards. Michaelson

: : Thanks guys!!! So I guess I got the better, "breathable" lining.
: : Of course it is sort of difficult to get the jacket on over my Indy shirt
: : because they're both cotton and they grab each other. I have to pinch
: : the sleeve in my hand when I put my arm into the jacket sleeves or it
: : will just slide up my arm. It's a pain, but they sure look good when
: : they're on. I mean it- this shirt is about as close as you can get!!!

: : -Dale

: I raised the point in an earlier post that I cannot tell there is
: any differnece in the linings between movies. Peter's post in
: X Marks the Spot says he is using the original specs and my jacket
: lining, like everyone else who has posted, is cotton. Can anyone
: tell me where they saw a silk lining? My suspicion is the silk
: lining is a rumor. What say ye?

: Stephen

The silk lining is evident in the plane fight in raiders. When Indy is getting punched around the air field by that big bald nazi, the reason the jacket is flopping around and SLIDING all over his back is because the lining is silk. You can actually see the the lining several times as he's getting punched around and the jacket flies up, but you have to watch close. Plus I spoke to fellows at wested when I ordered my jacket, and they said that indeed the original jacket had a silk lining, but you are able to have a cotton one put in if you like, as silk can be uncomfortable in hotter weather. My jacket when it arrives will have the silk lining, becasue I live in NYC and it can get pretty cold, plus i'm a stickler for detail(no offense to you cotton lovers!)
The chaps at wested also said that they still have the original patterns to all 3 films.....and you can order the jacket from whichever film you want. So even though they advertise under the term "Raiders Jacket", you can order the different variations used in temple and last crusade. Now from watching the 3 films I have noticed there are indeed differences. In Raiders, the jacket is very dark, almost black, and the scuffs and nicks, or whatever the hell indy did to his jacket, did not in any way seem to lighten the jacket; indeed it seemed to maintain that dark color throughout the film, unless palstered with dirt & dust. The jacket is EXTREMELY soft, and you can see just how soft during the airplane fight scenes. When Indy is trying to skulk around and climb up on the plane to ambush the pilot, the nazi mechanic with the wrench spots him. He swings the wrench which indy avoids. When indy steps back to avoid the swung wrench you can literally see his jacket doing a rippling effect. And of course in the consequent scenes, in all the struggling, and swinging and fighting, you see his jacket rippling and flopping around like water.
In temple of Doom we see the jacket briefly, (Not often enough in my opinion) but you can notice that it appears slighly longer, and perhaps a sligtly denser leather. I think it might be a little thicker because in the scenes you see indy close up, the collar seems thicker.(whatever the hell that means) Also, the jacket just doesn't seem to have that extra bounce when indy walks like it did in raiders.
Lastly, Last Crusade, has the most radical changes of all. There are now snaps on the storm flaps which can be readily distinguished and identified in several scenes, and has an absolutely huge collar. The jacket is much longer than the one in raiders, and it is lighter in color. I honestly do not think it is lambskin like in the original film, because it is hangs to "straight"(in other words, no wrinkles in the sleeves, or on the jacket cargo pockets.) Also, with a collar that size, if it were lambskin, wouldn't the tips of the collar be turned up or curled a bit? I think the jacket is probably a horsehide. like a regular A-2 flight jacket. It also seems to be more like a heavier jacket, almost a coat, because in the motorcyclye scenes, indy is gripping the handlebars, the jacket shoulders appear to be padded, which suggest some type of insulation in between the lining and the leather itself, and would be VERY noticable in a lambskin jacket. Perhaps a heavier jacket was made because it can be quite chilly in europe. Also the seams of the jacket are noticably lighter than the rest, which was nowhere evident in the raiders jacket. Looks like they sandpapered the jacket. And finally, the jacket overall looks to me like it is fuller and thicker, more like a coat than a jacket
Hopes this is helpful to someone,
Indee Jonez

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