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Posted by Fleet Captain Rhynes from on April 25, 1998 at 07:34:03:

I have been reading over the forum trying to find information on
the revolver's that Indiana Jones carried. From what I have read he appears to have a Smith & Wesson N frame Triple lock in .38-44 (although by Janes guide to handguns make's no mention of this gun in this calibre) a Colt New service in .45 and a Webley Mk VI.

I was hoping that someone could clear up this information for me and tell me what gun's he has in Raider's and ToD. I know he is using a webley in The last Crusade.

Some other comments about guns, The mp 38 submachinegun is in 9mm Parabellum, same as the Luger p'08 and the walther p-38, not 7.62 mauser. The guys in the bout scene in Crusade could not have been using a sten gun because the sten mk i appeared in 1941. German Karabiner Gew 98K rifles use 7.92x57mm Mauser ammunition, not .308. And in the scene with the British in ToD there is another mistake in addition to the jamming extra. The Rifle's they are using are MK 4 lee-enfield's which didn't appear until 1940, they can be distinguished by the position of the rear sight.

Once again if anyone has any correct info on Indy's revolver it would be much appreciated

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