One, not two, buckles

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Posted by Stephen from on April 27, 1998 at 05:18:55:

Not believing the two buckles theory for Indy's satchel, I examined
the Raiders fight scene in question and observed there is one, not
two, buckles on Indy satchel. As pointed out earlier by another
fan (sorry to the individual who first suggested the possibility, but
I can't remember the name), there are several shots in which a
buckle *does* appear on Indy's back. However, this is certainly
accidental (Harrison Ford may have simply put the satchel on backward
for some of the shots and didn't realize it). If you look closely
at the sequence in which Indy knees one of the thugs in the stomach,
you will see he is wearing the satchel backward (notice the small,
round metal disk is facing forward and there is no flap closure to
be seen - it is against his body, not facing outward). Furthermore,
you can see an excellent shot of the front and fack of the strap
during the sequence in which Indy snaps the staff into two pieces in
the map room. You clearly see the front buckle while he is breaking
the staff and then he turns to look for Sallah's rope and you clearly
see the back of the strap... no buckle. It is doubtful, as some have
speculated, that several versions of the bag were used... there is no
reason to have a special buckle system in some sequences versus any
other sequences.

Just thought this could clear up things.


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