Deleted Scenes from Indy movies, and NO NAZIS in Indy IV please!!!

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Posted by Mola Ram from on April 27, 1998 at 09:27:27:

Right, does anyone know anything about the deleted scenes in the any of the trilogy? I know of a couple in TOD, and one in CRUSADE.
In TOD, there's one where Indy and co. try to get over the lava pit with the other children to escape. ( didn't you always think it was strange how the kids escaped through the palace, but Indy chose the hard way through the mines?)
I have a stil from this scene. With Shorty standing on a plank over the lava pit, with Indy and Willie holding on to him.
The other is when Willie escapes back to her room, after the guards spring them once Indy has gone behind the altar. She bumps into Chattar Lal or something. Anyway, both of these are written in the story of the film, but does anyone know anything more about any deleted scenes, or anything more about these ones??

The other thing is that who else agrees that Nazis SHOULD NOT be in INDY IV??? Twice is enough, but there are so many otehr ways to go. That was the great thing about Temple of Doom, it took Indy in a whole new direction. How about something more along the lines of the Vampires, or something, like in the FIND YOUR FATE series. Some of those stories were fantastic. I know that the cup of Djemsheed was a bit too similar to the Holy Grail, but how about like something like those stories? Only about one of them ever featured nazis!

Anyway, please write any of your opinions on the above!!

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