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Posted by Deirdre Jones from on April 28, 1998 at 12:07:35:

In Reply to: Re: Indy Fiction posted by Michaelson on April 28, 1998 at 10:41:59:

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: : : : : : I'm about to graduate college with a BS in Graphic Design and was interested in illustrating an Indiana Jones comic with the intention of shipping it off to Dark Horse. I noticed that there is a surprisingly wide gap on the net in terms of fan fiction. I was wondering if there were any interested writers out there with an incredible story they'd be willing to tell. It would have to be a story that would be worth of Henry Jones, Jr., and not one of those Quantum Leap-meets-Indiana Jones type of things. Or, does anyone have any suggestions or story ideas? Thanks for any help you can give me!

: : : : : *** Hey, Dietrich!! I've had an Indy story stuck in my head for years!! I would really love to join you on this quest for a great Indy story!! Write me and we will work out specifics of this!! Sounds great!!

: : : : Hi guys,

: : : : I think I'm a little ahead of both of you. I've written an Indy story (some on the forum have read it all ready and some are in the process of reading it) and I've had it copyrighted. I'm also in the process of having it drawn into a 5-part comic. I'd like to get together with the two of you and compare notes. What do you think?

: : : : Deirdre
: : : Deirdre, just a quick question. Can you copyright already copyrighted and licensed subject material, as "Indiana Jones" is? You might want to be careful in an open forum, because according to my copyright laws booklets, you can only if you don't use "Indiana Jones", or any other already copyrighted material anywhere in your story. Just curious. Regards, and good luck with your story. I'd like to see it too, if at all possible. Michaelson

: : Michaelson,
: : I did some research into that myself and after talking with the copyright people, I can do this. There would only be a problem if I tried to actually get the story (and comic) printed up without Mr. Lucas' and Co. permission. This is what I am working on currently. And if the story never does get 'professional' printed by whoever at least I'll have my story and a one-of-a-kind Indy comic of my own. A friend of mine also has an Indy story that has been copyrighted (Indiana Jones and the Christ of Edessa). And if you're interesting in reading it, email me and I'll get it to you.

: : Deirdre

: Good for you! We teach a law and ethics course here, and I was concerned. Sounds like you have your bases covered. Regards. Michaelson

There's nothing wrong with being concerned and looking out for others on this forum. I'm glad you asked and thank you for caring.


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