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Posted by Laurie Jensen from on April 28, 1998 at 13:11:26:

In Reply to: Thank you!!! posted by Dale Dassel on April 28, 1998 at 08:50:40:

: :
: : : I need some help. For the past three days, I have been meticulously searching every clothing store at the mall, handling
: : : every brown pair of pants in sight to find a pair like Indy's.
: : : Since we do not have access to the actual pants, I would like to
: : : know what the next closest thing is. I have the color down, but
: : : I'll be damned if I can find a pair of pants with TWO back flap
: : : pockets. That is a very important feature and nobody, it seems,
: : : makes them anymore. I personally think that pants with one back
: : : flap look unbalanced and retarded. Come on guys, what is the absolute
: : : closest pair of pance out there (under $100)?

: : : -Dale

: :
: : The pants are horrible to find, aren't they? There are, believe it or not a few pants (all cotton canvas types) made with the double pocket design. The closest thing I've found to the original Raider slacks is a pair made by Savane, called the Process 2000. These pants are the exact color of the pants in Raiders, have the double back pockets, and a reasonably thin, loose cotton twill. The only flaw are creased legs, unlike the straight legs in the movie slacks. Ross dicount stores are the only place I know of that sells this brand and they still have some at the store in my area. However, selection varies in these types of stores- my local store now only carries the pants in khaki and olive-so you have to be a little lucky. LL Bean apparently sells cotton canvas slacks with double pockets and I've seen some Dockers slacks with two flap pockets. You should also try your local thrift shops, if you want to expand your search net. I've found some pairs of khaki colored canvas pants with two pockets, one by Nordstrom department store, the other pair labeled Falconale. I also found a poly/rayon blend pair that is closer to the real thing than any cotton slacks out there. There were other pants along the way that I didn't pick up because of excessive wear or because they were the wrong size or color; you have to really check around for quality and proper type. Still, finds are possible at cheap prices if you put in a little legwork.

: : Hope this helps and good luck.

: I really appreciate this! I'm leaving for Georgia within the week
: and from what I've heard, the Macon Mall has grown bigger since the last
: time I was there (2 years ago). Using your letter, I should be able to find
: a good pair of Indy pants. Thanks again!!!

: -Dale

Hey, Dale, no problem. I've picked up a lot of great information from you and other posters on this board and it's nice to share your own tips. I thought of a few other things after I sent this message. Further down on this board, under the thread about whip carries, belts, etc., there is some discussion about the pants, specifically, the LL Bean pants. Some of the posters have ordered slacks from them so if you are unsuccessful on this trip you should definitely try LL Bean. Their webpage URL is listed under my reply way at the bottom of the thread. This is a good time to try and find Indy pants. The stores seem to really be pushing canvas pants right now, because of spring. I'm sure with a little luck you'll be able to find something with the double back pockets.

Good hunting.

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