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Posted by Harry from on April 28, 1998 at 19:53:36:

I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up before:

I have noticed something strange during the Temple of Doom everytime
I watch it. It has always bothered me.

Right after the scene where Indy beats up all of the thugees (above the lava pit) and rescues Willy up to and including when Indy says: "Right, all of us..."

The film in these scenes is backwards. There are several clues to this.
1. The ribbon on Indy's fedora is on the wrong side.
2. His nose is bent in the wrong direction. Normally, it goes to his
right but it goes to the left here.
3. The rope or band over his shoulder is on the wrong side from earlier on in the film.
4. Indy's hair is parted on the right instead of the left.

Anybody else ever notice this? It first came to my attention several
years ago when Harrison's words seemed to be coming out weird in this scene. Basically his mouth looked funny and the words didn't match.

Maybe the editors got the prints backwards or did it intentionally to cover up some mistake. (possibly the actors were facing the wrong direction and the backgrounds wouldn't match up.) This intentional reversing of the shots has been done in other movies to correct mistakes.

Also, with regards to item 4, I've also noticed that Harrison has had his hair parted on alternate sides of his head in different movies and in regular photos. I thought that you could only part your hair in one direction? At least it only works for me in one direction.

eg. Devil's own: parted on right. Indiana Jones: parted on left.

Just some stuff to consider.

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