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Posted by Cap'n Paul from on April 29, 1998 at 17:05:55:

Recently I promised a review on the Stetson Ark Hat but I've been away for a few days 4x4ing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (My Montero killed my buddy's Land Rover.) A couple of you had emailed me requesting my review so here's pretty much my response to Nick (Fonzy27):

"I ordered and received the Stetson Ark from Miller Hats. I like the hat a lot. It's a dark brown like the one in 'Raiders' with a wide band and a nice, white satin lining inside. The felt is probably not as stiff as the Herbert Johnson hat from the movies but it does hold it's shape well. With time it'll get all worn and look better... it looks just too damn new right now. But all in all, it's still not the ORIGINAL hat. If you really, really want that look than you have to order the Herbert Johnson hat like some of the more hardcore guys on this forum. I just didn't have $300 to spend on a hat. If you do, I'd go the Herbert Johnson route.

While I like the hat a lot, there are many more people who have ordered the Stetson Temple and have been satisfied with that one. I'm just a voice of one on the Ark model, so if you want to play it a little safe with your money, I'd go with ordering the one everyone seems happy with - the Temple.

I don't know much about Miller's "Indiana Jones" hat on their webpage. If you like that one though, you might call up Miller (they have a 1-800 number on their website) and ask them about the construction, materials, etc. Whatever you decide to buy just remember one thing: There's only one Harrison Ford. Which means that we all have different head shapes, sizes, etc, and even if you spent the big burritos on the Herbert Johnson, it's still going to look slightly different sitting up there on your noggin'." -CP

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