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Posted by Michaelson on December 01, 1997 at 15:08:28:

In Reply to: Part IV should not be as corny as Raiders and the others posted by the guy on November 28, 1997 at 19:06:42:

: It is my sincere desire to see the continuing Indy story as only the essence of the great character of Indy would dictate. Although I love the series with a passion, I believe that the further into magic and old style (30s serial?) villians the film got, the more corny it became.
: Make no mistake, I love the flow of the stories. Indiana Jones is a great character that reaches what I believe to be Hemingway proportions. His boarding airplanes and whisking off into some foreign land so that he might transform from professor to adventurer is quite stirring. It is that distillation of the series that I would surely love to see on full display on Indy IV.
: The chase scene at the end of Last Crusade with Indy hanging off the end of the tank gun, Marcus's pen, and Sean Connery putting a rock in the gun was poor crap. It was also a pale imitation of the TRUCK CHASE SCENE in Raiders, THE GREATEST CHASE SCENE IN ALL OF MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess what everybody forgets is that Raiders was made as a tribute to the old saturday afternoon movie serials that were shown in the movie theaters of the 30's, 40's and 50's. Just read the movie review in the May "Newsweek" 1981 issue. If you want to talk about corn, watch some of those. I think Lucas and company captured the feeling of those old serials perfectly, and were not supposed to be taken as seriously as WE have taken them. Lots of "OOhs, ahhhs, and "Oh come on!" Nothing wrong with that. Regards.

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