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Posted by Max Schulte from on May 03, 1998 at 11:23:10:

In Reply to: Re: Indy clothes and equipment posted by Michaelson on May 03, 1998 at 10:00:31:

: : I've been coming here for a while now, and I've seen you guys talk about everything from Indy's jacket, hat and satchel to what kind of socks and underwear he would have had! My question to you now is, what are you people so interested in all this for? It seems like 90% of the discussions on this forum are about clothing or leather companies.

: : I'm not being critical here, just making an observation. What do you guys do with the clothes? Do you go out every day dressed as Dr. Jones? Do you have conventions or something where you wear these costumes? Do you just collect them to own a piece of Indy, so to speak? I'm really curious and just thought I'd ask...

: : -Northy-

: I believe this is a very legimate question. I really don't know, Northy. I guess knowing we can't be the actual personna of Indiana Jones, maybe owning a piece of the "man" makes us feel as close as we can come to being something that most of us will never be able to achieve. I've read several posts of "old timers" who are apparently living a pretty close parallel to the globe hopping hero, and living their life to it's fullest. Speaking for myself only, I'm am at the point of life that I'm getting closer to the proverbial rut of getting up and going to work to support my family, day in and day out, and trying to keep what few brain cells I have left from rusting until I check out. Maybe Indiana Jones keeps what little "excitement" of the daydream alive in me. I'm not sure. I sorta wonder the same thing about the Star Trek crowd. (No, this isn't a shot at them, just a question of my own.) Exactly where can you wear your alien costume collection, except to a Star Trek convention? At least I don't stand out to much in the crowd with my old fedora and jacket. Northy, I have noticed you are pretty much the expert regarding the different electronic games that are out there. Why do you follow those? Is it to actually "become" the characters, or for the challenge of the games? I guess it's just that we all have our hobbies, and the collecting is the thing regardless of the what it is, whether it's owning the clothes, or beating the games. Hope I haven't been to "Zin" in my response. Good question, though. Regards. Michaelson

Very well put, Michaelson, totally agree with your. It's just owning a
piece of Indy. It's having a part of the movie in your hands. You
can watch the movies having your whip in hand...
In addition to that I heard from several people that there is a
"background" or a story why they like Indy so much. You can look at
your old, old fedora and say to yourself: "Oh - I rember how I saw
this one for the first time, in 1981 my dad and I went to...
Many of those Indy items bring back memories and that is another important
point, isn't it. Apart from that some of the props are really useful!
You can take the satchel to the shooting-range. It is just great for
ammunition and even a gun with holster has enough space. I also use it
for storing lures, bait and fishing hooks in it when going fishing.
I bet Dale (I think it was his post) took the satchel with him on his
fishing trip for this purpose. Whenever I travel all my Indy things
must to go with me as well. They'll become an essential part of your
life(OK, that's a bit exaggerated and philosophical).
I won't say that you can compare collecting Indy props with Star Trek
conventions and all that stuff. Star Trek IS science-fiction. You can
only wear your Star Trek uniform on a Star Trek convention. Wearing
fedora and leather jacket is by far more decent.
Another point: Most of the Indy items have it's own history (just look
at the earlier discussions about the Webley and it's calibre). I'm
still pretty sure that the Wested is based on the A-2. That's why I do
not like the *modern* science-fiction.
(Star Wars is quite ok - ever noticed that Han Solo's Blaster is a
modified C-96 also seen in the Indy movies)
Northy, did you read the posts concerning the leather strap. There were
long discussions about the color and buckle. Messages from people who
watched scenes frame by frame or had a big color poster. It's like
building a true to scale modell. Every detail must be considered. But
it's also nice to add your own personal touch...

Be that as it may, a very interesting and good question after all
discussions about the Indy props. It's also nice to hear from other
people who share the interest for the same reasons...



P.S. An Indiana Jones convention wouldn't be that bad, would it?

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