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Posted by Michaelson on December 02, 1997 at 10:21:42:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones hat posted by Dan Borton on December 01, 1997 at 22:48:42:

: : I purchased two of the the so called "Ark" fedora's, and both were made by a company called "Broner", not Stetson. The original Stetson's Temple of Doom fedoras were made on contract by a Austrian company, and had their crest stamped into the sweatband, where the US made Temple of Doom fedoras do not. I own examples of all three. None of the fedoras in my collection have the teardrop shaped bash, but have the correct bash front to back. As stated in a previous message, the lining of the Temple of Doom fedora has the logo, as well as the Lucas licensing message. The Ark has nothing to identify it in any way with the Indiana Jones business. I ordered these from US Calvary in Kentucky about 3 years ago. I've had the Stetson for 13 years, still in the box, but that's another story all together:
: Regards.

: OK, now I am getting confused, I have in front of me a U.S. Cavalry catalog from 1993, stating that their "Ark" hat is made by Stetson. I knew that these hats were not licensed by Lucas. Did they change hat makers and just keep the name?

: The Stetson "Official" Indiana Jones hat that I have, is from 1989. It went along with the release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It has a Tear drop or Pear shaped crown, and is made from beaver fur felt. It has the satin liner with the Indiana Jones logo and Air plane printed in gold on the lining and it has the Indiana Jones Logo and Stetson seal printed in gold on the Leather sweat band. It also came with a Indiana Jones Hat Pin for the band. I have not seen the ones from the Temple of Doom so I can not really compare them. It almost sounds like Stetson might have made some changes the style of the hat in 1989.
: Take Care.

: Dan

Dan, the Ark offered by US Cavalry was NOT made by Stetson. One of mine is sitting in front of me as I write this, and I wear it daily. I have never seen one of the 1989 issued hats as you describe. Both of my T of D fedora's were front to back bash, not teardrop shaped, as you describe. I have been reading the complaints in the forum regarding this shape, as it is not the actual shape of the actual IJ fedora. The sweat band in the fur felt fedora's are not made of leather, but are cloth, and came with the hat pin as you described.The Broner "Ark", from USC, is made of fur felt, and comes with a leather sweat band. I believe you have the wool felt Stetson fedora instead than the fur felt. The wool felt fedora is exactly as you describe. We are talking around $100 difference here. The Austrian issue of 1984 ran at around $99.00 at that time, with the American issue at $79. Sounds like the description of the current "Temple" Stetson is the same American issue at the current price of around $89 or so. Hopes this helps clear some of the confusion, and not just add more. Regards

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