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Posted by Michaelson on December 02, 1997 at 10:36:20:

OK, I got my revolver question beat all to pieces, and I thank everyone for their responses. Now I have another one that has bothered me, and I have NEVER seen any mention of it to date. Scene: Raiders, Indy working his way out of the Well of Souls... We see from outside point of view the stone being pushed out of the wall. We then see from inside point of view the flying wing, Indy and Marion climb out. We then see from point of view at bottom of hill as they run down.....NOW, looking from that vantage point, look to the left of the hole in the wall, where Indy pushed the stone out,is that, or is that not a turbaned man slumped in the corner? If so, why is he there? How did he get there? I have looked at this scene frame by frame, and I cannot come to any conclusion as to why this guy would even be here, even if a scene was cut out the final edit, because how in the world would Indy sneak up on this fellow to knock him out in order to get them down the hill. Anyone have any ideas? I have shown this to friends for years, and no one yet has a clue as to why. Regards.

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