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Posted by Max Schulte from on May 08, 1998 at 05:53:18:

In Reply to: Re: The Jacket Arriveth posted by Michaelson on May 07, 1998 at 14:29:08:

: : The movers were in my place this morning, packing my belongings up for the big move to Korea, when just before noon the mailman knocked at my door. Having read the many Wested postings on this forum before, I instantly knew what the gray, plastic package under his arm contained. The timing was impeccable. Another couple of days and I would have been out of here. It was hard to concentrate on the movers' activities when I really wanted to try on the jacket. Patience paid dividends later, though, when I found the fit to be right on the money. I agree with everyone who has ever bought one and written: it smells great, it's very light to pick up, and the brown, cotton lining does tug on your shirt when donning the jacket. No suprises there. I was surprised by the left hand zip. Those British, always putting things on the opposite side (like the steering wheel for instance). -CP

: Thought this would be a good place to insert this....I emailed Peter and told him I had no intentions of being dragged behind a truck, or rubbing againest a brick wall. I intended my jacket to age gracefully, and asked how to keep it looking good. He emailed back, apparently delighted at the prospect, and suggested treating the coat about once every 6 months with a leather dressing. That's all that's really needed. Thought I'd throw that out to everyone. Regards. Michaelson

Hey Michaelson, when did you contact Peter Botwright? I've emailed him
two times about one or two weeks ago but he didn't answer yet...

Anyway, thanks for the information. I never weathered my jacket
artificially and I suggested it just in case someone would be
interested to hear how "machine" distressment is done and how it can
be done by hand.

The every-6-month leather dressing coat seems to be standard care for
leather jacket. I had an A-2 (it was 'banished' when my Wested arrived)
and I also used leather dressing on it two times a year. I'd recommend
to let it soak for a day or two. I use to wipe it off very thoroughly
because I don't like the sticky, oily feeling. By the way, There are
also several sprays available to impregnate the jacket as well in case
you want to waterproof it. However, I'm cocerned about using these on
my Wested...



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