Chapter 3

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Indy let out a long whistle.
"What?" asked Drake, impatient.
"It's the Dragon of the Sun."
"And...?" Drake asked, growing even more impatient.
"And it's worth a fortune, kid. And most likely pretty important to someone."
"Could this have been the reason my father was killed?"
"It's a good bet. The only thing I don't understand is this:" he unfolded the message. "It says here 'the Dark Destroyers'. Now, I've seen some crazy cults before..." and briefly, he found himself thinking about Willie and Sri Lanka for the second time in one day, "and plenty of religious fanatics, and all sorts of killers and cannibals, but I've never even HEARD of 'the Dark Destroyers'."
"You mean they don't exist?" Drake asked, perplexed.
"No. I just mean that if they do, they've managed to keep themselves hidden. And if they've done that, that means they're very, very, good. Which means that your father, and that mysterious message-sender, may have gotten in way over their heads."
"Well we've got to do something-they killed my dad!"
"Look, kid. We're no police, and we're certainly not some sort of vigilante group. This isn't our business." Indy began to put the book back. When he had first come to Drake's house, he had been excited-the Dragon of the Sun would probably be enough to double the Museum of Natural History's yearly income. And if Indy could get it for them, it would nearly triple his. Marcus Brody, his friend at the Museum, and Curator of Natural Artifacts, would be most pleased with a find like the Dragon of the Sun. But Indy, as he was trying to talk sense into Drake, had also been trying to talk sense into himself. Because he was right--it wasn't any of their business. And he certainly didn't want to get himself killed. Or worse yet, tortured and then killed. So he had decide to forget the whole thing.
"But they killed my dad!" It looked as if Drake was beginning to lose his handle on reality. "We've got to do SOMETHING...anything!"
As he turned around to calm Drake, he looked at the interior of the house for the first time. Drake had already managed to pick up some of the ransacked objects, but he had lived alone with his father, so he hadn't nearly finished picking up yet. And there, on the carpet beneath Indy's feet, were several blood stains. And briefly, Indy was filled with rage, and a sudden determination. He cursed himself silently for what he was about to do, for always needing to do the right thing, no matter how unethical. But then again-even though seeking revenge for a man's death wasn't his business...archaeology was.

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