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Posted by Greg from on May 10, 1998 at 05:35:25:

In Reply to: Re: A WEBLEY! posted by Max Schulte on May 09, 1998 at 22:42:59:

: : : My father just procured me a Webley. I haven't shot the thing yet (live a state away), but it has the bird's head grip, lanyard ring, six-inch barrel. Monster, my Dad says. .45 ACP. He shot some rim fire through it so don't need the half-moon or full-moon clips. He said it shot just fine. Heavy, even with light loads. At any rate, he learned something interesting. The bottom frame is marked "Mark V" and the top of the frame (barrel, top-strap, cylinder, etc.) is marked "Mark VI" Apparently, the Mark V was the last of the bird's head grips, so when people identify Indy's as a Mark VI, they are partly mistaken. His may have actually been a full Mark V, or it could be a half-and-half version like this one. Thought I would share my good fortune with you all, and inform you of this little interesting trivia. Michaelson, perhaps you have some input...

: : Just a little. It is a mix of two version, usually arsonal installed, of the Mark V and VI to make up your variant. Exactly what do you mean by rimfire? The only ammo these old unit fire are centerfire ammo, especially if it is marked for .45 ACP.? Sounds like you have a version he carried in the Grail scene at the end of the LC. Regards. Michaelson

: First of all, Congratulations. The Webley is a great gun - but it's

: indeed a 'monster'. Hmm, quite interesting information about the mix

: of MkV and MkVI. Sounds like a rare version. Yes, the lanyard ring is

: important. It gives the gun a military touch. I quite like that.

: Anyway, one thing concerning the calibres. Rim-fire is the term used

: for a cartridge containing detonating powder in its rim (Mostly used

: for smaller calibres, e.g. 22lr.). However, the .45ACP is a centerfire

: cartridge. The detonating powdntained in the primer.

: Regards,

: -Max

Standard .45 ACP cartridges are as wide as their rim, this brass my father found seats into the cylinder without the need of the clips to hold them. Their rim sits out farther than the "barrel" of the casing. They are actually called .45 Auto Rim. He said they work quite nicely, eject just fine, and eliminate the need for the half or full-moon clips.


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