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Posted by Michaelson from on May 11, 1998 at 10:05:03:

In Reply to: Re: The Second Coming of the Jacket posted by Max Schulte on May 11, 1998 at 04:40:31:

: : : : : I got mine today as well. The postman left a yellow slip yesterday saying I could pick up the jacket at 8am this morning at the earliest. I was there when the doors opened...

: : : : : I ripped open the package and took a big whiff. Great scent...

: : : : : Michaelson's got the right idea. This beauty should age gracefully. BTW, What exactly is a leather dressing? The only dressings I'm familiar with are the wound, turkey and salad varieties.

: : : : : --Micah

: : : : Tastes the same, use sparingly though.....Seriously, I believe he means a product such as Lexol leather cleaner and strengthener. I've use that on my A2 for years, and I swear the jacket is getting better as it ages in terms of strength. You can buy it at just about any good shoe repair shop or leather care store. Regards. Michaelson

: : : Michealson, may I just ask one thing concerning the A-2: Is yours made
: : : of cowhide? It has probably nothing to do with Indy stuff but I'm just
: : : curious about that. You probably know that the 'original' (the ones
: : : used in WWII) was made of horse leather. However, this was stopped in
: : : the 1950s and cowhide was used. I was desperately looking for a jacket
: : : made of horsehide but could not find a firm which still made em. I
: : : actually found one but the jackets were immensely expensive and you
: : : had to wait were long (they had some kind os waiting list there).
: : : Anyway, I bought the cowhide version as an act of desperation.
: : : ...I'm just interested if you bought the cowhide as well...

: : : Thanks,

: : : -Max

: : Just good old cow hide, 1979 contract date. There are still many companies out there that make horsehide A2's, according to my "Aviation History" magazines I receive every month. If you want me to, email me directly, and I'll look up the companies names and give them to you. Regards. Michaelson

: Thank you very much for your efforts, Michaelson. But I think I'd now
: tend to buy ANOTHER Wested jacket, maybe in the Last Crusade-look.

: By the way, you know I emailed Mr. Botwright concerning the care for
: the jacket and how to conceal scratches in the leather. My jacket got
: some scratches when repairing a car of a friend (at least we tried
: to). You had to crawl under the car and the gravel damaged the leather
: a little bit. Yesterday I was fed up waiting for the response from
: Wested and decided to take charge of it myself. I used some BROWN shoe
: polish (with lanolin) and it worked just perfectly.

: Michaelson, this Fleet Cpt. Rhynes has some additional questions
: concerning the Colt New Service, I think. Maybe you can help - just
: go to the prior posts...

: Thanks,

: -Max

Will try. Peter replied this morning, and said he the product is called "Leather Groom". I'll pull up what information I can regarding this. Regarding the A-2, you're probably better off going with another Wested Leather. You're in the rarified air of $275 to $350 dollars for a horsehide jacket, according to the advertisements I looked up this morning. Regards. Michaelson

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