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Posted by Michaelson from on May 11, 1998 at 10:46:49:

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: : : : : Hey Guys thanks for the info, this was really useful
: : : : : Just aone other question, the Colt model 1917, the new service modified to take the .45 ACP, does it come with a 4.5 inch barrel or a 5.5 inch barrel?
: : : : : FC Rhynes

: : : : Umm, I think both versions are available - but as Michaelson already
: : : : said the 4.5" version was used in ToD.

: : : : Regards,
: : : :
: : : : Max

: : : It was cataloged through Colt both ways. They usually sold these at 1/2" intervals, up to and including around an 8 1/2" barrel length. My source on the colt 4.5 " was from the Guns and Ammo article back in '89. Regards. Michaelson

: : Hey guys thanks again for the information. I watched Raiders again today and was paying careful attention to his revlolver. I agree that it is a Smith & Wesson, but I'm having some trouble identifying the type. Underneath the barrel of his gun there is the ejector rod, supported at the end by some metal catch. This piece of metal is just at the end of the ejector and not underneath. On the picture I've got of the smith & wesson hand ejector the ejector rod is completely surronded by a piece of metal. I don't know if this is just a modification to his particular gun, but there is the Smith & wesson US model 1917, the previously mentioned gun modified to fire the .45 ACP just like a similar colt. Could he perhaps be carrying this gun instead of the hand ejector in 38-44. This would also ensure ammo commanality with his automatic. Also, about the colt, is his a new service firing ,45 colt, .45 ACP, or the was his gun the colt 1917, a government requested modification to the new service to get more guns that fire the .45 acp. Sorry for asking so many questions but I'd just like to know. Thanks, FC Rhynes

: The Smith was a "Triple Lock", not their "Hand Ejector" model, which was a formal name for a different version of the Smiths. The Model 1917 Smith was made during the same period of time, they were two different guns, and the 1917 Smith eventually replaced the Triple Lock. All N frame Smiths have the metal piece, which is actually one of the three cylinder pin locks (hence the name "triple lock") in front of the cylinder pin.
: The cylinder pin/ejector was exposed, as have been all Smith models until the 60's. The pin has since been encased in a shroud in the base of the barrel. The Colt was a New Service .45 ACP. Once again a different gun model description than the Colt 1917, yet built on the same frame, and was in fact the same gun! The 1917 was the military version of the New Service, where commercially it was only referred to as the New Service. The New Service was the full royal blued version, with the wallnut and rubber stocks, the queen of the Colt line up at the turn of the century. Therefore, they are indeed one and the same, but cataloged separately as commercial or military builds. I have found New Services cataloged as early as 1897 in the black powder version. The First World War caused Colt to cheapen them down to the plain jane, dull blued military issued 1917 model. Believe it or not, a batch of Brazilian built Smith and Wesson 1917's have appeared on the market in the last several months. They were built on the colt WWI contract on Colt equipment, but with the Brazilian crest stamped on the frame. They were never issued, and were stored until recently. The ones I've seen were practically mint, and ran in the $250 range. Not bad, finding a batch of brand new 80+ year revolvers! Unless you look REAL close, the Smith 1917 and the triple lock appear to be the same gun. It's all the the lock work of the cylinder that separates the two. Hope this helps, and didn't muddy up the water any further for you. Regards. Michaelson
One correction to the last of the above. I had Colt on the brain....the found Brazilian Smith's were build on Smith equipment and under a Smith contract during the war, not Colt equipment. Regards. Michaelson

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