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Posted by Cap'n Paul from on May 11, 1998 at 11:20:03:

In Reply to: A-2 and other matters... posted by Max Schulte on May 11, 1998 at 09:29:54:

: Thanks for the information, CP...
: I must admit the missing handwarmer pockets are the one thing I do not
: like about the A-2. I always prefered jackets having them. It's still
: a great jacket, probably the most famous along with the B-3.
: Anyway, it was quite a nice idea of yours buying your father a leather
: jacket. I guess he was really happy.
: I had extreme difficulties finding the horsehide version. I did not
: think of looking for the firm that actually made them - at least it's
: 60 years ago they were issued.
: As far as I know it was worn with taupe pants (officers pink) and with
: a kahki shirt by the higher ranked officers. It seems as if Indy's
: clothes were all based on military ubiforms/clothes. The jacket is
: definitely based on the A-2 - when I saw 'Raiders' for the first time,
: I even thought that he was wearing one.
: By the way, I recently bought two of the LC belts. They were available
: in many different colors (white, black, green). Aren't they also used
: for the Class A uniforms worn by Naval/Marine Corps/whatever commissioned
: officers?

: Regards,

: -Max

: The 30's and 40's were a different era. It was a time when officers had their own personal tailors. Yep, the trousers were khaki, the shirt a dark pink and the coat was a dark green. They used to call the uniform "pinks and greens". And when that uniform was done away with for the ugly green one we've got now, there was a lot of cursing.
Yes, there is a khaki-colored version of the belt that the Navy officers and chief petty officers wear with their khaki trouser/shirt uniform. The Marines wear a dark olive, worsted wool trouser with a khaki shirt so the belt is different. The thing about Indy's belts is that they seem to change from movie to movie. But you're right, his outfits appear to be based on military-style clothing of the period (less the fedora/whip). You and Michaelson have obviously got the details of the military pistols and holster information down cold. Regarding the Indy's satchel strap, I had a devil of a time trying to figure it out. Sometimes it looks brown, then in another movie it appears black. I was in an antique warehouse recently looking at furniture when I came across some farmhouse implements. Stuffed in a box was a very used horse's tack and harness. With some work and a rivet tool, I fashioned a decent looking shoulder strap out of this old leather. Being used, it looked almost black but where I cut away material I did not need, the underlying leather was a fairly fresh brown. I guess the one in ToD looks so black because it was subjected to a lot of moisture, high humidity, etc. Incidently, the old tack only cost me four bucks so that was a good buy. -CP

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