Chapter 5!

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Posted by Toht from on May 14, 1998 at 15:19:26:

Well, I'm back, well, taking it from the last sentance, here it is.

Suddenly the plane jerked as it started moving, interrupting Drake. Drake, however, was very annoyed about this, but kept quiet. Indy thought over the whole thing. He had found the clues, but he had to piece them together, but not just then. The plane flew into the air, and he just sat back and relaxed. Clarence may not be the best pilot in the world, but he could fly neatly.

Arrias, Brazil

Clarence took the plane down on a nice plane of grass that served as a runway. Indy sat up and looked about. The mountains were just where they were, and Drake had said something about them.
"Drake," Indy called, "What was that jabber about the mountains?"
"Dr. Jones," answered Drake, "We are less than a mile from the group I was talking about. The name, I am sure you will see its importance, the Dragon's Mouth."
Indy quickly saw its importance. "The Dragon's Mouth, it must be related to the Golden Dragon! But if the Dark Destroyers have already gotten this far, I bet we are in for some trouble, kid."
"May I ask what kind of junk you're talking about?" enquired Clarence.
"The reason we came," answered Indy, quickly thinking of any more possible information them could find here. "The Dragon of the Sun, a golden dragon, with no powers, out of what we've found out so far."
"Well, you are here, so get going," said Clarence.

Indy and Drake stepped off, and Indy put money into Clarence's hand.
"Now's the hard part, kid. Getting a place to stay."

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