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Posted by Aaron from usr1-modem069.runestone.net on May 14, 1998 at 15:50:46:

A while back there was a buzz about some Indyfans making their own Indy game. I had volunteered to come up with a storyline, and did. However, for obvious reasons, the game was nothing more than a foolish attempt. However, searching through some of my computer files today, I found the old storyline. Forgive me, It gets a little to Rob MacGreggor at the end, and there are a few gaps [i.e. dates], however, as I always say, Indy is Indy! [Whatever the heck that means! :) ] Now if only I could find my "Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Mummy's Eye" novel...


P.S.~The "Levels Absolutely Needed" was for the game, it has no signifigance to the story.

Indiana Jones and the Portals of Peril

Levels Absolutely Needed:

1. Chicago Streets Shootout

2. Sea Cruiser Battle

3. Jenny O'Scott's Home

4. Streets of Athens/"Robe" Hideout

5. Chartes Cathedral

6. Greek Underworld

Indiana Jones and the Portals of Peril Story:

Chicago 19--
Indiana Jones, famed archaeologist and adventurer, returns to the city he could practically call home: Chicago. After a recent encounter with, as always, danger, Indy goes to Chicago in search of rest, a few drinks, and his old friend, Jack Shannon. Going there brings him more than he bargained for--when he finds Jack, his old friend is hard at "work" a few blocks from the Shannon house. Jack would call what's going on in the Chicago streets that day "family business"--that is, a gangster shoot-out. So even though it means exactly the opposite of what he came to the Windy City looking for, Indy inevitably gets involved. Jack takes a bullet in the shoulder, and despite his moanings of "I'll be allright," Indy drags him out of the mobster mess. When they get to a hospital that Jack says is partially "family-owned," the bullet is somewhat painfully removed and Indy's old friend is put into a double-room with a "crazed" old man. The man is probably pushing 100 years, Indy muses. This crazy man is strapped into his bed, and, it seems, still has his normal clothes--streetrags, really--on. He looks somehow foriegn. Indy tries his best to tend to Jack and ignore the now howling man. But the man ends up getting Indy's full attention, simply by muttering the word "------" [Greek translation of "portal"]. Indy's mind instantly flashes to the Portals of Fate, an Ancient Greek fable about six mystical doorways that were dispersed all over the globe every. These "Portals" were said to bring travelers anywere on Earth, and perhaps, beyond. But the Portals came with a curse: any who would travel through them could not use the ancient doorways for evil, and would have to prove themselves worthy by facing the "Protectors." It was considered open to interpretation in every mythology circle as to what exactly these "Protectors" were. But one thing was certain--they couldn't be good. Indy comes closer to the seemingly "enraged" man to hear more, but the man thrashes a bit, and then lays still. Indy instantly knows what happened to the man, and closes his eyes with his hand. Then Indy notices something: a glint of metal coming from the dead man's clutched left fist. With much work, Indy pries the fist open and realizes that the "old" man is much stronger than he appears. Inside is a piece of gold, resembling a coin, and it has a complex pattern carved into it. It is a maze--a labyrinth, really--and in the center is carved the easily-recognized head of a bull. Indy slowly breathes out one word: "Chartes." Later that week, when Jack and Indy had left, a German-looking man comes around the Hospital asking questions, and he seems to be interested in the dead old man...

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean--Passenger Sea Cruiser--One Week Later

Indy and Jack Shannon are aboard a large English sea cruiser headed back to England from New York. Leaning against a railing, looking out at the ocean, Indy explains the story of the Labyrinth of Chartes Cathedral to Jack: "The Labyrinth is a maze with only one, solid path, resembling the "Path of Life." The end of the maze or "Labyrinth," as it is called, is actually in the center, and is meant to resemble Heaven, "the Final Reward," whatever. Now, in Chartes Cathedral, just outside of Paris, France, there is a large labyrinth made of inlaid stone in the floor. It is meant for the religious to walk on and take what they call a "Holy Pilgrimage." The center of most representations of the Labyrinth have a sun or flower pattern as the center. But the true Labyrinth had a large metal seal. This seal is said to depict a minotaur, the Ancient Greek legend of a half-bull, half-man creature. However, the seal was stolen sometime in the Middle Ages and was never found again." "So the Labyrinth is a Christian symbol? How come I've never heard of it?" asks Jack. "That's just it--the Labyrinth is said to actually be based on an idea that predates Christianity...and perhaps all religion. The idea is that the path can take you so near the "end" that you swear you can almost reach out and touch it..." "...But you can't, can you?" "Right--you have to follow it all the way through--no cheating," Indy says with a chuckle. "I don't think I'd be able to do it," says Jack, laughing. "So you think the old man's coin can has something to do with this Labyrinth?" "I just know it does--and that's another thing, Jack," said Indy, turning cold. "It seemed like he wasn't old--just...well, like he was being eaten from the inside out--he was almost as strong as me, Jack." "Huh. Seems to me like you're imagining things, my friend." "But the Labyrinth isn't the full mystery, Jack: I thought I heard him say "portal"--there's an old Greek legend about the Portals of Fa..." Indy and Jack are attacked from behind! Men in flowing white robes try to strangle the two friends, but Indy breaks away and helps free Jack, too. They go to find the Captain of the ship, but two robed men come running at them! Indy and Jack think they find temporary sagety in the engine room, but some of the men are there, waiting for them. Large fight begins. Two robed men are killed, and the fight moves out of the engine room and out to a side walkway. Some of the men charge at Indy, but he sidesteps and they go flying over the side! Jack manages to grab one, and yells "WHO ARE YOU?" The man says something in a strange language, and tears his robe were Jack is holding it, sending him to the ocean depths below. Three "Robes" remain, and Indy moves Jack out of the way just as a chain comes flying at him. They run, Robes trailing after them, and Jack yells in Indy's direction: "What did he say?" "Something in Greek about 'protect' or something! Move!" They make their way to the top deck, but every escape route is blocked by the remaining three men. Indy grabs Jack and pulls him forward, and pushes him right into a life boat! "WHADDA YOU DOING?" Jack screams. "Just get in and hope it's got supplies!" Indy follows Jack into the boat and pulls the cord that sends them falling to the ocean. They hit the waves just as the three men come running up to the rail.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean--Life Raft--4 Days Later

Indy and Jack had been lucky--the boat had had provisions. But in Indy's opinion, not enough--he hadn't had water in a little over a day, he thought. He glanced over at Jack, now half dozing in the afternoon sun, looked over the side of the small wooden boat and saw several fins protruding above the water. Oh well. There was nothing to be done about it. He shut his eyes. Several minutes later a large blast sounded, waking Indy and Jack. It is a fisherman's boat. Soon they are brought on board and realize that it is a fisherwoman's boat. And a beautiful one at that. She tells them her name is Jenny O'Scott, and that she's headed back for her home in Ireland. Seeing as how there's no other way anyway, the two accept her offer of going back with her.

Ireland--Jenny's Home--3 Days Later

Jenny, Indy, and Jack arrive at Ireland and Jenny's seaside home, only to find it ransacked. Jenny does not know why it would be, and Indy asks if she radioed in on her fishing boat when she was returning. Puzzled, she says yes. Indy explains that some men might know of their latest little adventure, and that if they had links to the radioways in Ireland, that the three had better leave, fast. After arguing that she doesn't need to do anything with Indy and Jack, Jenny reluctantly packs when Indy says that some men might come to her house in Indy and Jack's absence, anyway. Jack suggests that they go to Chartes, that that must hold the answer, but Indy says no, France would be exactly were "they" would be looking if they knew about the friends' interest in the Labyrinth. At Indy's suggestion, they head to Greece, but Shannon wonders why if his friend is so worried about "them" finding the small party, and "them" being presumably being Greek, why they were headed straight into the lion's den.

Athens, Greece--Streets--2 Days Later

Indy, Jack, and Jenny are "asking around" for information, but they get a little more trouble than they do info. NAZI's, now somehow aware of Indy's quest, chase them through the streets, and when the trio think they've finally lost the NAZI's by ducking into one of the old buildings [after an elaborate rooftop chase], they find that if Greece is the lion's den, they just jumped into the lion's lap: they are in a den of those same white-robed thugs! They are captured and thrown into a cell, and Jenny proves she's more than just some girl by breaking them out with a hairpin, a skill that one "has to learn in these desperate times." The reason Indy wanted to come to Greece is finally explained: In one of hundreds of underground rooms, they find the Seal to the Labyrinth of Chartes. Indy has filled in his to friends about the complete story of the Labyrinth during their Paris stay, and Jack asks if the "Robes" are actually the "Protectors." Indy says no, more like "Self-Proclaimed Protectors." But deadly none the less. There is a huge guard in the room with the Seal. Indy fights him and wins. They escape finally, with the Seal, from the elaborate underground tunnels of the Robes' "hideout," and leave via plane en route for France.

Paris, France--Half a Day Later

"The trio" checks into a cheap Paris hotel and crashes for the night. Love interest developes between Indy and Jenny. The three don't know it but they leave Paris just in time: both the NAZI's and the Greeks find their hotel, but Indy, Jack, and Jenny are already gone. The NAZI's apparently aren't fully sure of what Indy's quest is, but the Greeks sure do. As the NAZI's head back to Germany, the Robes head for Chartes.

France--Chartes Cathedral--The Next Day

Indy and partners get to Chartes on a rainy day, and as Jack and Jenny look on, Indy is about to place the Seal, now hidden in a large canvas sack, in it's rightful place. He looks around. Nobody is in the Cathedral at the time. He takes the Seal from the sack and starts to put it in the center of the floor Labyrinth. Just then, Robes silently grab Jenny and Jack. Indy feels a press in his back--a knife. He slowly stands and turns around. He brings the Seal up as if to hand it back to it's former owners [the Robes], but instead hits the Robe holding him at knife-point underneath the chin with the Seal. More robes advance on him. He surrenders. Indy thinks that his little adventure is over, that the Robes will now either imprison him or kill him. But instead, for punishment, the Robes say, he must do what he came to do--unlock the secrets of the Labyrinth and the Portals of Fate. They hand him the Seal, and step back, looking on from a hallway connected to the Labyrinth room. Jack and Jenny look terrified as he cautiously sets the Seal in the center of the Labyrinth. The floor shifts, sending Indy tumbling towards the beginning of the Labyrinth! When he looks up, he sees that the entire floor around the Labyrinth has fallen away, revealing a huge, deep cavern below. He looks around. There's no way to get off of the Labyrinth now. He remembers the curse, that whoever tried to find the Portals had to face huge, deadly Protectors. He moves forward a step, and just then, niche high up on the Labyrinth room's wall opens, and a huge boulder slowly rolls out! The boulder, three times Indy's hight, drops with an Earth-shaking THUD! and begind to roll down the Labyrinth's path, straight towards Indy! He barely has time to notice a huge carving in the boulder, shaped like the head of a minotaur, before he has to run! The whole time he runs, all he can hear is the chanting of the Robes in Greek: "Protectors! Protectors!" The boulder gets closer and closer, and Indy thinks he's about to be squashed, when he realizes he's reached the center of the Labyrinth. He stands on the very edge of the center, just outside the Seal, trying to delay his death, when he dares a glance and sees the boulder slow and come to a stop right on the Seal! The floor begins to raise again, and miraculously, the room is almost back to normal, save for the boulder sitting directly on top of the Seal. Then the Seal and the boulder drop away, into the deep cavern below the floor. A platform raises in their place, and a portal materializes out of nowhere! The Robes walk over to it, ooh-ing and aah-ing, praising their gods. They didn't think Indy could do it! Jenny and Jack are forgotten, all Robes are transfixed by the portal. But then, one of them, perhaps their leader, steps out, and barks orders to his men. Jenny and Jack are brought to Indy's side, and the three are placed in front of the portal. "It's one of the Portals of Fate," mumbles Indy. He seems as interested in it as the Robes. Suddenly, they get a vicious shove from behind, and all three fall into the swirling Portal!

The Portal's Path--Immediately After

The Portal's path swirls around them, they are in a dreamlike state. Suddenly, the path ends, and they are thrust into...

The Greek Underworld--Next

The three heroes are in a place that looks like Hell gone bad. Fire is everywhere, but not just fire. Any kind of death or torment ever imagined is taking place here. Jenny says, "We're in Hell." Indy replies, "We're not that lucky. This is the Land of the Protectors, the place were those who 'are not worthy' of the Portals are sent to suffer for Eternity. They age to skeletons, but their minds do not die. Actually, we might be back in Athens." "Huh?" asks Jack. "Well, many mythology buffs think that the Protector's Land is actually under Greece itself, in a way. Many also say that Greece is only the location of the Protector's world, not the dimension. But that was all just mythology and mumbo jumbo...this...this is real." "Why didn't you tell us about this before?!?" asks Jack. "Hey, I consider myself worthy, don't you?" says Indy, trying to lift their spirits to no avail. "Great..just great," Jack mumbles. They start walking around. "We've got to find an exit!" cries Jenny. The three do search for one but DO NOT split up. Jack says, "This isn't so bad--nothin's happened to us...yet." Just then, the three stumble into a massive cavelike chamber, surrounded by huge arches, each of which is lined with little golden "coins" like the one Indy got from the old man in the Hospital. Directly across from them, about 100 yards away, is another swirling Portal! Jenny says, "Look!" and runs towards it. Indy says "Wait!" but it's to late--Jenny crosses a seal identical to the one in the center of the Labyrinth! As she steps on it, there is a large rumbling. The archways in the room begin to swirl themselves, and out step huge, devil-like Minotaurs! Indy is terrified, but still keeps his head about him, somehow: he pulls Jack forward, onto the Seal with Jenny, and all 6 Minotaurs come directly at them! Jack mouths "Protectors" as if in shock, and Jenny shrieks. Each Minotaur moves at an equal pace--fast!--and all of the bull-giants hit each other at the same time and are knocked out temporarily. This is Indy's chance--he grabs his two partners and they both run into the Portal at the other side of the room! The Minotaurs move after them, but they cannot fit through the small doorway...

The Portal's Path--Again

The three friends are once again sent end over end throught the swirling Portal's path, and they land on...

Cargo Ship--Somewhere in the Arctic Ocean

Indiana Jones, Jack Shannon, and Jenny O'Scott land on the Cargo ship with a dull THUD! Jack leans over and starts kissing the deck with glee. Indy is flooded with relief. Then Jenny says, "How am I going to get back to Ireland?" And Indy replies, "Who says you're going to Ireland?" He smiles, leans over, and kisses her. As he does so, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small coin with the miniature Labyrinth design. He fingers it for a second, and then throws it over the side of the ship, into the deep ocean.


The man in the hospital was a thief who tried to make it through the Portal--he lived for 50 years in the Greek Underworld.

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