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Posted by Mike Davis from on May 15, 1998 at 18:51:00:

In Reply to: Re: Indy Jacket FAQ other matters... posted by Max Schulte on May 15, 1998 at 05:28:14:

: : : : Thanks, Max -- I look forward to adding your new pics to the faq -- perhaps you can post one of you wearing the jacket...

: : : : Thanks,
: : : : MD

: : : Just read your post below. The shoulder-sleeve size is highly
: : : important. I only ordered my sleeve-hand size and recieved a 44 size
: : : jacket. The sleeves have the perfect length and I had to adjust the
: : : leather straps. However, the jacket is a little bit tight around the
: : : shoulders.

: : : By the way, where did you get the Indy Jacket FAQ title picture from?
: : : I looks really great.

: : : Anyway, regarding the jacket pictures: I "borrowed" a shop window dummy
: : : from a friend today who is a professional window-dresser (I actually
: : : got on his nerves until he allowed me to take it...). I should be able
: : : to get some nice pictures of Indy's garment. I'll use an instant cam
: : : in order to get the pictures fast. The quality will not be too good
: : : because of that. I'd advise you to make an additional 'Wested Gallery'
: : : page in order to increase loading time of your page. I can make the
: : : picture page if you want me to...

: : : Regards,

: : : -Max

: : Hi Max,

: : I just ordered my wested this morning and the next 28 days are going to be the longest 28 days (or so) of my life! After reading every post I could find, I ended up ordering size 46 regular, with the accompanying sleeve measurments -- I want a little extra room in it. I'm sure it will be just fine.

: : I'm glad you enjoyed the FAQ, it seems that every 5 minutes I think of something else I would like to see in it! Anyway, the title graphic comes from a Photoshop manipulated scan of the title graphic on the back of the Temple of Doom VHS cover (and the letters for FAQ if you noticed). Oddly enough, most of the letters were already there in one way or another and I just needed to contort and splice those. The only ones I had to 'make' was the letter K which was derived from the original letter N, and the letter T which was from upper and lower case I. With a tool like Photoshop, it really makes it easy to do such manipulations, but it takes a lot of patients! I also looked at the color of the background on the VHS cover and tried to select a color that closely matched it. Coincidentally the color was called 'PapayaWhip.' :)

: : The day you posted the message about additional pictures, I got to thining. I realized that the page already was taking a bit of time to load (even though the graphics were remarkably small for their size), and that there needed to be a separate gallery page so I set one up -- although I have not yet posted it yet. When you have a chance to post the pictures (I am not at all rushing you), all I should have to do is drop them in and voila', it should be there. Right now the gallery page is set up for just putting pictures directly in, but if it gets too big we may have to move to thumbnails of some kind.

: : By the way, I was thinking about making a site that was dedicated to Indy's clothes. I know there is some information out there, but I would take an approach similar to the Jacket FAQ and try to get as many details, pictures, and ordering tips as possible. What do you think?

: : MD

: Mike,

: thanks for the information regarding the Indy Jacket FAQ title. I
: was just curious how you did it. Must have been a lot of work. Anyway,
: good job.

: I used a program for the scanning the jacket pictures that allows you
: to define resolution, colors, ... So it is possible to get big JPGs
: of rather good quality without having a 700kb image. I think I'll
: scan the photos again in higher resolution in order to achieve a better
: quality (it's very difficult to get really good photos with an instant
: camera). In my opinion it would be better to use thumbnails.
: I'm going to buy a film today, shoot the pictures, scan them and post
: them tomorrow...

: I always thought about making such an 'Indy clothing and equiptment'
: page but never had the time to do it. In addition to that my
: html-knowledge is rather poor. It's a great idea of you anyway and
: I'd be glad to assist or to work together with you in order to make
: and maintain the site. I got most of the information which helped me
: buying Indy things from the Indyfan pages on the Internet. I guess
: it's the same with many other people as well. So it would be helpful
: to have all the information together with pictures on one website.
: I could provide some information about his equiptment (satchel, guns,
: whip, whip carrier, etc.) and some other items. In order to get more
: specific information we'll just have to 'ask' the forum. I think good
: old Michaelson can give detailed information on the hat and the guns,
: Dale and Dan are the whip experts and there where some interesting
: post on where to get similar trousers/shirts from (You probably know
: that the 'original' trousers/shirts are not available).
: I have some free time this weekend - maybe I can start on a little
: shoulder bag FAQ...

: Regards,
: -Max

Sounds great!!! Just like you said, we can develop sections for each clothing item (or the closest replicas on the market.) Gather what you can on the shoulder bag, and we can start to develop a tride-n-true Indy site. You may want to place a top level post asking for any information about the shoulder bag -- (as you suggested). I'm sure Michaelson & the gang will come to the rescue! :)

I have started to play with some graphics to lay out a front page, but nothing looks right the first time through... What do you think the first page should look like (for future reference)? I was thinking some sort of montage similar in style to the Raiders poster by Amsel, but having a pretty good picture of Indy. Then we could make graphic text links that point to each clothing item. (This is just a brainstorm. Please let me know what you think (Michaelson too).

Anyway, I have a new graphic that I'd like you to check out. I was trying to think of something clever for our clothing site. I made an Indy-letter style graphic titled "Indy's Diggs." You can see it here:

I hope you like it -- I think it kinda' has a nice ring to it. Once we get the site populated with information, we can register it with the Indiana Jones web ring! Let me know if there is anything graphical that I can do for the shoulder bag page. I will implement your recommendation for thumbnails with the gallery, and thanks for taking the time to scan & post!


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