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Posted by Mack from on May 16, 1998 at 19:08:40:

In Reply to: My opinion of Mack... posted by Aaron on May 16, 1998 at 11:11:20:

: : I've been looking over what has been written on the IndyFan Forum novel, and I must say that, despite the generous attitude of others, i think it sucks. But the idea is good. I think that instead of just pulling a story out of the blue with no relation to the real world and letting people chase after it with no idea what the hek the plot is, we should fix a plot. I have dozens of structured plots involving real-world archaeology mixed with mystic powers and adventures. This was one of the hallmarking things about Jones movies. So, if enough people agree, I would like to start another Forum novel. I'm not suggesting we discard the other one. You can continue it if you wish. But, If you think the one I start is better, please add to it. I'll make enough room for levity. If enough people respond to this letter and state that they would like to contribute to the story I will start, please let me know. I see the beginings of a long-lasting fab, here.

: : Mack: One Who Starts IndyFan Forum Novels

: "We should fix a plot"??? "We"??? Why you little bas--was I about say, er, type that outloud? When I see you contribute something to the current Forum Novel, then I'll listen to your self-absorbed ramblings! Heck, if you think it sucks, why not try to save it's plot? No one's holding you back! However, if you don't stop putting down the Forum Novel, someone's gonna have to hold ME back. Just so you know, if you don't like one or more of the chapters, simply write your own version and title it "Alternate Capter [#]". It's really not that hard you little--whoa, I almost did it again!

: ~Aaron

: P.S.~I get a little hot headed sometimes but in any case, the idea behind this posting remains the same: help out or shut up!

Hmm. Someone hasn't been taking their impotence drug. But all jokes aside. I would love to contribut to the existing forum novel, but I feel there is little to contribute to. I guess I'll take your advice and start writing "alternative" chapters and hope people take them more seriously. But one problem of mine is that i don't know who the hell this drake guy is. Is he from the Atlantis game or one of the books or what. If he's from the books, he must be from one of Martin's books because i didn't read those. Any way, if I were to start writing alternetive chapters, I would have to go way back to maybe chapter 2 or 3. Plus, I think my ideas are better, but you probably think that's just a biast view because they're MY ideas. Oh well. Curb that temper, dude.

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