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Posted by Dan Borton from on May 16, 1998 at 22:24:49:

In Reply to: FAQ about the shoulder bag posted by Max Schulte on May 16, 1998 at 06:59:29:

: Dan, it would be great if you would send me a short text or some
: keywords concerning the satchel. I want to make an FAQ about it and
: maybe you have some information I don't know of. I don't know if you
: have a shoulder bag but it could be also be interesting to have some
: kind of "owner's comment" (I know that could be difficult when writing
: about a shoulder bag. Please post a message to the forum or contact me
: directly (
: I've already written a follow up to Michaelson's post. I was afraid you
: wouldn't read it so I posted a message to your string as well.
: I know that you and Michaelson can provide useful and interesting
: information...
: I should also gather some things about the satchel from the forum.
: Thanks you so much for taking the time...

: Regards,
: -Max

: PS: A FAQ about Indy's whip will be made soon. I'm looking forward to
: working on it as I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine. I'm going
: to contact you again the....

Hi Max, I have one of the bags too. As you already know, the British Mark VII bag is made from a heavy canvas. Its a light olive green color. Some of them come with the original web strap attached to the bags metal rings. A leather strap and buckle can be obtained to make it more "Indiana Jones" authentic. Mine is in the shop at the moment getting fitted with a new strap. The flap attaches with two heavy snaps making it very secure. I am pretty sure they are brass snapps. There are several inner compartments from large to small inside the bag, which are ideal for holding all sorts of things. From what I have been told, the number of Drainage holes in the bottom of the bag varies between two and three. Mine has two. If you can get one in good condition and get it cleaned up, they are actually are really nice bag for being World War 2 surplus. Aside from being an Indian Jones "prop" they have many practical uses almost too numerous to list.

By the way regarding the whip holster. I have not been able to find out very much information on who made them for the movies. Not to mention finding one that is similar to the one used in the movies. I am having the guy at my local leather shop, (the same guy working on my bag strap) custom make one from my specifications and film photos. He has been working on them a while now, but he called today to let me know it should be ready by Monday. So I will let you know how they both turn out, and the possibility of being able to get them through him, or in the least making the plans available depending on how they turn out. Hope this helps

PS. Great pictures of the Jacket and bag.


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