Chapter 6 of the Forum Novel

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Posted by Mola Ram from on May 17, 1998 at 03:32:43:

Ok, here is a lttle more of the novel, I hvae a little more to add tomorrow, but I've written this much so far. As to concerns by people calling themselves Mack, if you don't like it, write an alternative, but if you have absolutely no constructive comments to make, then I suggest you keep them to yourself

OK, now I 've got that out of my system.....

Chapter 6.

“That’s quite alright Dr Jones. You won’t be needing one.”

Indy slowly turned around to find that his pilot, and would-be friend was now levelling a pistol at his head.

“Clarence, what are you...” Indy began incredulous..

Clarence shifted his cold stare over to Drake, ensuring that neither of them might catch him off guard.

“ Jones, you are one stupid son of a bitch, you know that? I’d just like to say that it has never been much of a pleasure flying you to all kinds of dumb destinations round the world. Almost getting my ass short off, to save the likes of you.
I mean, do you call this a tip?” Clarence chortled, as he held up the money Indy had handed him. “ I give more than this to drunks on the street!”

Indy stood agape at the pilot in front of him. What the hell was Clarence’s motive behind this? They had been friends for years, why would he turn on him now?

Clarence must have noticed the curious expression on Indy’s face, for he then began to explain.

“I guess you’re kind of wondering why I’m doing this to you Jones.
Well I’ll tell you. I had some visitors a couple of days before you arrived, and funnily enough, they too asked me to bring them to this exact same place. They’re paying me a LOT of money, although it weren’t just for the flight, they gave me specific instructions to “dispose” of anyone else who came requesting the same destination. Shame it had to be you Jones. I did try to put you off, but what the hell, I’m glad you came! I’m gonna be a rich man!”

Indy sneered at his friend, “So why didn’t you kill us back in Texas? And who are these people, Clarence?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know? But it ain’t gonna matter to you pretty soon Indiana, old boy. Coz soon you and your young friend are gonna be singin’ with the angels!”

Indy thought fast, and quickly looked about him. Clarence had thought this one out well. They were in an open clearing with only the plane behind them. The trees on all sides must have been at least 200 feet away. Too far to try and make a break for it. Clarence would take them down way even before they got half way. He glanced over at Drake. The poor kid looked like he was about to have a heart attack!

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