Chapter 7

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Posted by Mack from on May 17, 1998 at 22:06:46:

You all should know by now what I think of the Indy novel. You also wish for me to contribut to it because I feel so strongly about it. So, I've decided to resolve Indy's current predicament and see what direction people take with it.

Chapter 6

Indy thought fast. The chances of his escape were minimal. He might get out of this, but Drake wouldn't, and it was his responsibilty to him that slowed Indy down. But an idea came to Indy that just might work, but it required a little bit of luck.

Quickly, Indy pushed Drake away and yelled "GET DOWN!" Drake was shoved to the ground. A bullet fired between them. With one fluid, swift movement, Indy rolled on the ground, unlatched his whip from his belt, and balanced himself in a kneeling position. Clarence had unloaded three bullets, all of them striking harmlessly against the ground after Indy. Indy cracked his whip around Clarence's arm and gave it a violent tug causing him to fling his gun some several feet away. As he ran for it, Indy met him half way and drop-kicked him in the chest. Clarence fell back, gasping for air. Indiana grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and socked him in the face. Clarence was out cold.

Drake looked at Indy in amazement. All this had been done in mere seconds! Indy began to inspect Clarence for damage. Finding that there was none, no long term anyway, he turned back to look at Drake and asked "Do you have a lighter?"
"What!?" drake yelled astonishment.
"Do you have a lighter?" Indy calmly repeated.
"He tried to kill us!!" Drake yelled back.
"I know," Indy said calmly, "But do you have a lighter?"
"Y.. Yeah," Drake said, tossing Indy a box of matches.
"Thanks," Indy said. He held up Clarence's limp arm and lit a match. Indy held the match dangerously close underneath Clarence's arm. After a few seconds, Clarence jerked upright and screamed in pain at his scorched flesh. He then relized what it was he had done. "What was that?" Drake asked.
"An old brain-wash remedy, kid," Indy said. He turned to face Clarence. "You okay?" he asked.
"Yeah," Clarence replied rubbing the back of his neck. "I guess I am. But I just... I mean you were... I pulled..."
"I know," Indy said, interrupting. "It's all right. You were brain-washed. Probably something they slipped in your liquor. Let's just find out what we're supposed to do now."

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