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Posted by Michaelson from on May 19, 1998 at 11:31:47:

In Reply to: Thanks Michaelson posted by Max Schulte on May 19, 1998 at 11:10:24:

: : Well Max, after reviewing my material, and looking at our discussions, I believe you have about all you can handle regarding the weapons right here on the past forum entries. Not much to add to our discussions. As to the bag, there is a little more we can discuss, or cast more questions out there about. I own two of the bags...a 1948 version and one that apparently came from the 50's. It's difficult to read the date on the flap. The both have the same arrangements of pockets, but have different snaps on the flap, and have grommets installed inside the newer version that don't appear on the 40's bag. Another thing I find very intersting is the description from the "Cristy's" auction of several years ago that described one of the T of D bags that went up for auction. It was a 1942 version of the Mark VII, but was described as having only TWO interior pockets. What was done to this bag in order to fill this description, except to remove several of the smaller pockets. If this was indeed done, then the descrption and discussion as to whether or not you could put a whip inside would be answered, and that would be yes, you probably could with just two interior pockets. More mysteries. I have been involved in several discussions regarding the apparent view of one or two buckles on the bag. I will admit, the counter discussion has been quite good, and though I personally believe there were two versions at one time, the strongest arguments have been for the single slide buckle, and there has been plenty of proof offered to support this argument. Both of my bags have this type installed, and it is a very good system. Since we don't have the actual length of the strap, the best "guess-tament" is about 72" in length, a VERY dark chocolate brown, to almost black (I have one of each) with silver buckle, and silver snaps, or if you want a more correct permanent appearance, silver rivets at the rear ring. I have snaps on one, and rivets on the other. The snaps do make it a lot easier to remove the strap and throw the bag into the washer for cleaning. Since everyone is of different height, the 72" can be adjusted to whatever correct length you need. I am over 6' 1" myself, and the buckle hits me just below the sternum of my chest. If you were shorter, it would be higher of course. It appears to ride at about mid chest to Indy, so you're right in the ball park. Hope my little addition is helpful. Let me know if there is more I can add. Regards. Michaelson

: Thank you Michaelson,
: Maybe I'll include some more information about the length of the strap
: and the buckle system. I can send you the pre-version of it via email
: (this will increase traffic on the site) if you want to.
: Also quite interesting post about the 'tech-talk' of whip specialists.
: I always thought that the term "whip throw" would be the more general
: term for the movements as it can refer to cracks as well as to cuts
: and wraps.

: Anyway, can you imagine any interesting or important questions for the
: gun FAQ? What do you think about including some information about basic
: safety rules, care/cleaning of the gun and the gun laws of the United
: States?

: When did the ToD haversack appear at Cristy's? For what price was it
: sold? I know someone who is a regular visitor of the auctions. About
: one or two years ago I've myself been at Cristy's of London. I was able
: to get some catalogues there. As far as I remember the books were
: reviews of season 1994 and 1992.

: Regards,
: -Max

The term "throw" seems to have been a more generic term covering all whip moves. Incendentally, the side throw is the hardest hitting throw of all of the moves. It is used in South America for hunting small game, and is capable of breaking a rabbit's neck, so be careful guys in your practice! Regarding gun laws, are you speaking 1930ish laws, or current. Definately different animals, as you well know. I think the history of the arms are about as interesting as the actions of the weapons themselves, but I find myself getting more sentimental as I get older, or is that senial? About the only real safety rules to keep in mind are that all guns should be considered loaded, regardless of whether or not you know for a fact that they aren't. Never point a weapon at anything you do not plan to shoot, so keep control of the muzzle at all time, keeping it either downrange at at practice range, or toward the ground. Never let the muzzle cross the path of another individual when carrying the weapon. Remember the "never aiming at something you don't plan to shoot" rule. Every weapon has a different cleaning routine, so I think we'd be going to far afield from the forum FAQ for this information. The Cristy's auction took place in the late 80's as I recall. The details as well as pictures were on the forum not very long ago, and I printed a hard copy of the information, but it is at home, and not here for me to refer to. As I recall, the bag went in the $3000-$5000 US dollar range. A bit more than we paid for our bags, or least I hope so! Send whatever you want directly to me. As you say, it should reduce the "clutter" from the forum. Good idea. Talk to you soon. Regards. Michaelson

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