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Posted by walker from on May 20, 1998 at 07:56:30:

In Reply to: Chapter 8 posted by Mack on May 19, 1998 at 21:59:33:

: I will now present chapter 8 of the forum novel. I know that most of you think I'm pompous because of my facts and my knowledge. (in about two weeks, I will be going on a univirsity funded Mayan excavation in Belize, mind you) You can take it or leave it. The chapter, I mean. And if any of you feel that I shouldn't write again, just let me know and this will be my last. Anyhow, here's chapter eight by me.

: Chapter 8

: Sunlight hit Indy's face and woke him up. Morning amnesia momentarily made him forget where he was. Then, when his wits came instantly about him, he remembered Drake, Drake's father, Arraias, and Clarence pulling a gun on him. Clarence, sleeping (or rather snoring) on the floor in a sleeping bag next to Indy's bed reassured him. He looked over at Drake who was hiking up the window curtains. "Up and at 'em," he said uncheerfully.
: "Your up early," Indy grunted. Clarence's escelated snoring eccentuated Indy's point.
: "We gotta find the guys who killed my father, remember," Drake said, agitated.
: "In due time," Indy said, leaning up in his bed now.
: "What do you mean 'in due time'!" Drake said, raising his voice. "If it was left up to me, we wouldn't have slept last noght!"
: "Well, I guess that's just the differance between you and me," Indy said. "Trust me. Whoever these Dark Destroyers are, they must know that we're not dead. They'll come to find us." Drake was silent. Indy got out of bed and put on his shirt and pants. "Besides," he added, "That works well enough for me. I don't have a clue as to where we should start looking." Indy walked toward the bathroom door, opened it, looked inside, and sighed. "I wonder if this place even hashot water," he said. He dissapeared into the bathroom.

: Drake sat on the bed for awhile, thinking. His father was dead. The idea was conceivable for him, but the impact wasn't. It hurt him to just set there. He wanted to get out and reep his revenge. The grieving would come later. He shook his head of the idea. Don't think about it just yet, he said. He needed diversion. He got up and nudged Clarence who was still sleeping soundly under the sleeping bag. "Uhf," he said.
: "Up," said Drake in response.
: "Effummah," Drake mumbled in a half sleep daze.
: "Get up you smelly oaf!" Drake yelled. "You get the shower next."
: "Humph," Clarence said as he raised up like a half-dead man. "Man," he said, "I had the weirdest dream..."
: "Yeah, whatever."

: Indy enjoyed hot showers. Pitty there was none to be found in this retched excuse for an inn. A bath would have to do. When he figured he had been in there long enough, he put his clothes on and walked back into the bedroom. He din't bother to close the door so the steam could vent out. He saw both Drake and Clarence sitting on the bed looking blaze'. "What's up," Indy asked. The door closed behind him. He saw two men in normal street clothes, save for a red sash on their foreheads, pointing knives at him. "Who are you?" Indy asked. "These are two of the goons who murdered my father!" Drake yelled.
: "That's enough from you!" the big one demanded. "We, Dr. Jones, are the ones who have been here before time was time. It is now our duty to end it," he said threateningly.
: "The Dark Destroyers," Indy said hesitantly.
: "Correct," the big goon said. "Your time has now come." He uproached Indy with the knife before him.

: What do these jerks want with him, Indy thought. And what did they have to do with the Dragon of the Sun, or Drake's father's death. Questions needed answers. Quistions like: "How am I going to get out of this one?". There was only one way to resolve the situation from his standpoint: Fighting.

: Indy braced himself to dodge. The goon stayed wary to Indy's movement. Finally, the goon swung at Indy. Good. Just what he needed. Indy dodged the clumsy lunge and smashed the goon in the back of the head with his elbow. Then the other goon began to advance. Indy grabbed and pinned him in a headlock as soon as he lunged. He forced the knife out of his hand and threw him toward the other goon. Now with only one of them armed, his chances got better. No sooner was he ready for another attack when both Drake and Clarence grabbed them from behind. Clarence made quick work of his by smashing a liqour bottle over the goon's head. He fell limply to the floor. Drake didn't have as much luck. He had attacked the one with the knife. His arm was slashed when he grabbed him. When the goon was busy with Drake, Indy kicked him in the back with enough force to launch him against the wall and knock him out. "You did good," Indy said, huffing.

: The two goons awoke to find themselvea tied to the bedpost. Indy was tending to Drake's wound. "Wasn't bad," he said. "But the scar will probably be permanent."
: "Fine," Drake said. He looked over at the goons. Indy looked, to, and found them conscious. Indy walked to them.
: "Awright," he said, looming over them like a despotic tyrant, "What's this bussiness with the Dragon of the Sun?"
: "We'll never talk to you," they said.
: "Fine," Indy said, "But what about him? Will you talk to him?" He motioned towards Drake. "This guy would like nothing more than to gut you both," he said threateningly. Drake smiled sadistically at them, catching Indy's drift. Both goons looked worried. They were obviousley undisciplined.
: "There is a cave in the mountains," one of them said. "You will find your answers there."
: "What if I don't feel like going there?" Indy said. The goon who was talking growled. He didn't want to reveal the secrets, but he knew he had to to live.
: "Spanish missionaries once held a strange golden idol because it struck fear in the hearts of the natives here," the goon said. "It was this strange repect and worship for the idol that gave the Spanish dogs power over the natives." Indy's face went from contempt to astonishment. He knew what they were talking about, but he didn't think it was called the Dragon of the Sun. "The cave," Indy said, "Where is it?"
: "In my pocket," the goon said. Indy quickly picked a piece of paper from the pocket and unfolded it. It was a map.

: Indy untied the goons and told them to leave. On their way out, they paused and looked at Clarence briefly. "We're going to this cave," Indy said as they left.
: "You're just gonna let them leave!?" Drake asked furiously.
: "Yes," Indy said. "Clarence," he said. Clarence looked spaced. "Clarence," Indy said again, louder. Clarence snapped.
: "Yeah," he said.
: "You stay here," Indy demanded.
: "Fine," Clarence said with consent.

You misunderstand. I don't think you're pompous because of your facts and your "knowledge". I know a lot of people that are very knowledgeable and know many facts - these qualities alone do not make people pompous. These folks show some signs of humility. They are not strangers to occasional arrogance but it is usually tempered by something better.

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