Chapter 9

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Posted by Aaron from on May 20, 1998 at 19:32:38:

Please tell me if this was too much, too fast.

Otherwise, enjoy!



"Fine," Clarence said with consent. "I'm only getting paid to fly you around, anyway. I don't need to get dragged along on any more of your danged adventures. Besides, I've had enough action for one day," he said, glancing at the shards of broken glass on the floor.
Indy said nothing as he left the room with Drake--he was growing more and more impatient to unravel the mystery and find evidence of the Dragon of the Sun.
After the two had left the small hotel room, Clarence crawled back into his cot. He thought he could get a drink later, but for some reason, he felt the strangest urge to go to bed...

In his dreams, Clarence was pushing his way through thick jungle. Behind him, he saw smoke. Ahead of him, rising above the treetops, he saw what appeared to be an ancient pyramid--except for the fact that it was carved out of a mountain.
He tried to turn and head back towards the smoke. He had no liking for the ancient ruins that Indiana always seemed to be drawn to--he always felt as if they were about to collapse in on him, often to Indy's dismay. He TRIED to turn. But strangely, his feet kept pushing their way through the jungle, towards the mountain-pyramid. He became very scared, and began to sweat in his sleep. As he drew closer to the looming natural pyramid, he noticed something odd: though it was a bright day in the jungle, the single archway entrance into the pyramid was dark, completely and utterly dark.
He tried harder to move in a different direction, he strained until he felt his muscles were about to burst, but it was to no avail. He looked frantically around for something to grab on to.
The pyramid came closer.
He looked...
The pyramid was directly in front of him now.
He looked...and he noticed something. In the middle of his chest was a gaping, bloody hole.

When Clarence awoke, he was in what seemed to be a sort of dungeon, and he was strapped to some sort of torture device. It was to dark to see much, but he could swear he heard movement.
He sweated harder.

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