Chapter 10

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Posted by Toht from on May 21, 1998 at 12:18:59:

Fellow Forum Novel Authors,
Who like the way the novel has gone? I am writing chapter 10, and I say this might be my last entering in the novel.

Chapter 10
Indy suddenly stepped on a peg and moved back quickly. A large stalactite fell from the ceiling and crashed where Indy had just been a second ago.
"Wow, how did they do that?" Drake asked.
"Unluckily, we don't have enough time to figure that out," Indy answered. "We have to get the Dragon and leave as soon as possible." Indy held the latern close to the ground as they walked, searching the floor. He saw another peg and said in a quiet tone, "Drake, watch out. There's a peg right in front of me, and do not step on it, whatever you do. I have seen this kind of thing before, and it seems it will trigger the destruction of the cave."
They walked through the dark cave, and soon entered a large cavern, and carved into the wall of it was a large staircase going up to a large dragon's head, and in its mouth, the Dragon of the Sun!
"We've found it, kid!" Indy said excitedly. "Hand me my whip."
Drake did as he was told, and Indy walked up the steps carrying his whip in one hand, his lantern in the other. Drake stared as Indy climbed the steps to the mouth, but noticed a peg on one of the steps.
"Indy, there's a peg just a few steps ahead!" said Drake, but began to see it shone, illuminated by the light.
"Drake, I see it, but it's made of gold!"
Indy walked some more, now staring at the floor, seeing if he could find anything more, then headed for the dragon.

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