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Posted by Mack from on May 21, 1998 at 20:44:08:

This is to Mola Rom: I think the level of mystery is still there. For example, what is so important about the Dragon of the Sun that made the Dark Destroyers kill Drake's father for knowing about it? What's the deal with Clarence? What's his involvement? What made the natives 500 years ago fear the missionaries who carried the item? What did the Dark Destoyers mean when they said, "We have been here before time was time. It is now our duty to end it,"? Hmmm. Mystery's abound! So, I now present 11.3. It's just another cool action sequence that doesn't really reveal anything about the plot, just adds to the urgency of the situation.

Chapter 11, part 3
"Wake up," Indy said while shaking Drake. "C'mon! Wake up."
"What," Drake said when he was awakened.
"We gotta go back to the room and... oh... shit," Indy said.
"Huh," Drake said, leaning up. He saw what Indy's cursing was about. More goons with the red sashes were aproaching them. 4 of them, this time, and they all had guns. "Crap," Drake said.
"You took the bait, Dr. Jones," one of them said, "Now you must die." He slammed the hammer down on his gun.

Indy was genuinly terrified. There was almost no way out of this one. He stood with his hands up. Drake stayed on the ground. Indy's head began to spin with ideas, none of which seemed practical. Oh, what the hell, Indy thought. What I need is a miracle...

Suddenly, the ground began to shake in a furious tremor. The goons looked around, confused. Indy was confused as well, but glad that whatever was happening had distracted them. But then he realized something. He looked back at the cave. Suddenly, he grabbed Jake and forced him up. "RUN!" he yelled. Indy and Drake ran out into the forest. As the tremor intensified, the goons looked up at the mountain in horror. Part of the mountain was collapsing into the cave! Suddenly, a huge wall of earth blasted through the sealed cave entrance and ingulfed the Dark Destroyers. They must have been pumeled and crushed with the weight of the rocks. Rocks and earth continued to blast out of the cave entrance until the entire section of the mountain had given way into a landslide. The earth roared like a giant lion, or, Indy thought, a dragon.

When it was all over and the dust cleared, the entire forest at the base of the mountain was leveled. It looked like a river of land had swept down the mountain and trampled every tree and brush in its path. Indy and Drake had no other incentive but to leave.

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