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Posted by Mike Davis from on May 21, 1998 at 23:25:04:

In Reply to: Re: Information correction posted by Max Schulte on May 20, 1998 at 10:04:54:

: : : : : : The term "throw" seems to have been a more generic term covering all whip moves. Incendentally, the side throw is the hardest hitting throw of all of the moves. It is used in South America for hunting small game, and is capable of breaking a rabbit's neck, so be careful guys in your practice! Regarding gun laws, are you speaking 1930ish laws, or current. Definately different animals, as you well know. I think the history of the arms are about as interesting as the actions of the weapons themselves, but I find myself getting more sentimental as I get older, or is that senial? About the only real safety rules to keep in mind are that all guns should be considered loaded, regardless of whether or not you know for a fact that they aren't. Never point a weapon at anything you do not plan to shoot, so keep control of the muzzle at all time, keeping it either downrange at at practice range, or toward the ground. Never let the muzzle cross the path of another individual when carrying the weapon. Remember the "never aiming at something you don't plan to shoot" rule. Every weapon has a different cleaning routine, so I think we'd be going to far afield from the forum FAQ for this information. The Cristy's auction took place in the late 80's as I recall. The details as well as pictures were on the forum not very long ago, and I printed a hard copy of the information, but it is at home, and not here for me to refer to. As I recall, the bag went in the $3000-$5000 US dollar range. A bit more than we paid for our bags, or least I hope so! Send whatever you want directly to me. As you say, it should reduce the "clutter" from the forum. Good idea. Talk to you soon. Regards. Michaelson

: : : : : Excuse me, Michaelson, do some people really use whips for hunting???
: : : : : Strange! I'd have understood it if they'd used whips for a battue but
: : : : : a whip as a weapon for hunting...

: : : : : Anyway, I was refering to the current gun laws in my prior post. I
: : : : : planned to give just a brief overview as the laws vary from state to
: : : : : state like you probably know. However, I must admit it would be
: : : : : interesting write about former gun laws as well. Regarding the Basics
: : : : : of Safety, I have found a little booklet (The Colt Companion) I got
: : : : : with a Colt features a section about safety rules. Maybe I can 'copy'
: : : : : some of these as well. But I think you just named the most important
: : : : : ones in your post.

: : : : : Yes, I will include some information about the history of the guns as
: : : : : well. Incidentally, I'd say it's quite natural to get a little bit
: : : : : sentimental about it. These guns actually ARE milestones in the history
: : : : : of military handguns...

: : : : : Gee, the bag was a little bit too expensive, wasn't it. I expected it
: : : : : to have been around $1000. At least it is a rather 'unknown' minor
: : : : : prop. I think an original Wested jacket (worn by Harrison Ford) was
: : : : : once sold as well. As far as I know it was about $14000!

: : : : : Regards,
: : : : : -Max

: : Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I swear I must have lost a ton of brain cells, because I went back and found my information regarding the bag that was at auction, and about the only thing I got right from memory was that it was a bag from T of D without the strap. Forget everything else, here's the CORRECT information.....It was up for auction at Butterfield and Butterfield in 1994 at the extimated cost of $700 - $800 dollars. You were thinking of the jacket that went up for auction. It was in the $6000 - $7000 range, and a hat was estimated in the $2500 - $3500 range ( that must have been the price that I was thinking of). The description is as followsw "Khaki canvas bag with TWO INSIDE POCKETS (caps are mine) and snap closure. Two hoops on either side for a strap. Inside flap has "VII W & G 1932 LTD 1942" stamped and Indy (B) written in black marker. From the second film in the indiana Jones trilogy. Together with a photograph sill and letter of authenticity." Sorry for the mixup, but I had rust build up. Regards. Michaelson

: Thanks for all your help ... and belated best wishes.

: Happy Birthday Michaelson!

: Regards,
: -Max

Hi all,
as you know, Max and I have been putting together FAQs for all of Indy's clothes and accessories. I am starting the fedora FAQ and need your input. I have gathered some information from the forum, but I am looking for any info on the following topics:

1. Original hat and next 2-3 closest replicas
2. Ordering information
3. Care and hat reshaping information
4. Reviews from owners
5. Pictures
6. Any other rare or important facts

It would be helpful for anyone to point out previous posts that I can get some of this information in, as I send this message before I go scouring through the past listings.


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